Exhibition — Artists’ Book Not Artists’ Book

6 Dec­ades Books invites you to the exhib­i­tion Artists’ Book Not Artists’ Book open­ing on Janu­ary 18th 2012 at Boo-Hoo­ray Gal­lery, New York…

‘Artists‹ book’ is a trouble­some term. There seems to no single well-under­stood or gen­er­ally-accep­ted work­ing defin­i­tion. To speak of artists‹ books is to invite con­fu­sion; even among a spe­cial­ized audi­ence of bib­li­o­philes or art world cognoscenti one may need to cla­ri­fy exactly what is meant when using the term.

Artists‹ Book Not Artists‹ Book is an exhib­i­tion co-cur­ated by Johan Kugel­berg and Jeremy Sanders of about one hun­dred books all of which either are or are not artists’ books. It may not be pos­sible to say exactly which fall into which cat­egory, and in any case it’s likely no two view­ers will draw exactly the same con­clu­sions.
 — 6 Dec­ades Books

The exhib­i­tion includes work by Chris Bur­den, Ira Cohen, Richard Meltzer, John Baldes­sari, Seth Price, Michelan­gelo Pis­to­letto, Richard Hell, Tina Lhot­sky, Sue Wil­li­ams, Tom Sachs, Richard Prince, Wil­li­am Gib­son, Dav­id Wojn­arow­icz, Dara Birn­baum, Jim Shaw, Ed Ruscha, Sean Landers, and many oth­ers (not to men­tion, Vari­ous, Anonym­ous, and Unknown).

265 Canal St, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10013

Janu­ary 18th to Feb­ru­ary 12th 2012