Launch — The Clifford Chadwick Clifford Collection

On Feb­ru­ary 2nd 2012 X Marks The Bök­ship invites you to join them for Vodka Mar­tinis, read­ings and music for spies and P.I.s. The book launch of The Clif­ford Chad­wick Clif­ford Col­lec­tion by Lytle Shaw also marks the start of An End­less Sup­ply being February’s Pub­lish­er of the Month at the Bök­ship in Lon­don…

“Based on Lytle Shaw’s research for the Chad­wick fam­ily, this book provides new access to the mys­ter­i­ous Clif­ford Chad­wick Clif­ford — anthro­po­lo­gist, spy, fur­niture design­er. A pro­lif­ic and pro­voc­at­ive writer, Clif­ford became a coun­ter­cul­tur­al legend before going under­ground in the early 1970s amid rumours of his ties to the FBI. Now, with the dis­cov­ery in Zurich of a tape Clif­ford made as he dis­ap­peared from soci­ety, a far more detailed pic­ture emerges of Clifford’s com­plex ties to the Amer­ic­an gov­ern­ment, his dra­mat­ic activ­it­ies across Cold War Europe and the Middle East, and his col­lec­tion of espi­on­age devices encased with­in sleek mod­ern­ist fur­niture.”
 — Bök­ship

X Marks the Bök­ship
210/ Unit 3 Cam­bridge Heath Road
Lon­don E2 9NQ

Feb­ru­ary 2nd 2012 from 7 to 9 pm