Open Call — Libros Mutantes 2012

The Lib­ros Mutantes call for your par­ti­cip­a­tion in their Self-Pub­lish­ing Book Fair  tak­ing place from April 16th to 22nd 2012 in Mad­rid, Spain…Regis­tra­tion is open to every­one who runs an inde­pend­ent pub­lic­a­tion, works an inde­pend­ent pub­lish­er, man­ages a dis­tri­bu­tion com­pany or a shop, etc.

Got to their web­site, fill in the form with your inform­a­tions and send it to lib­rosmutantes until March 15th 2012.

Apply­ing for an activ­ity such as a present­a­tion, a work­shop or a lec­ture is also pos­sible. If you have any sug­ges­tion, fill the pro­pos­al area with your ideas for an activ­ity in a ded­ic­ated area inside the fair if you are inter­ested.

Your applic­a­tion will be care­fully revised by Lib­ros Mutantes and the names of the exhib­it­ors will be announced on March 20th 2012. There will be no par­ti­cip­a­tion fee.

Dead­line: March 15th 2012