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The Tor­pedo Press & Book­shop from Nor­way cel­eb­rates its 5th birth­day and marks this occa­sion by mov­ing in to new rooms in Bjør­vika. In two days, on Fri­day Septem­ber 17th 2010 Tor­pedo open its doors in Tre­last­gata 3, Oslo…

About Tor­pedo: »Tor­pedo is a non-profit (pro­ject-based) organ­iz­a­tion devoted to the pro­mo­tion and pro­duc­tion of artists’ books, art the­ory and crit­ic­al read­ers in con­tem­por­ary art. Situ­ated in Oslo, Tor­pedo is both a pub­lish­er and a book­store, and occa­sion­ally a ven­ue for exhib­i­tions and con­certs related to book launches and the pro­cess of pub­lish­ing, or dis­curs­ive activ­it­ies like pan­el dis­cus­sions and debates.

Foun­ded in 2005 by Elin Maria Olaussen, Kar­en Christine Tand­berg, Eivind Slette­meås, Pia Sønder­gaard and Anna Carin Hed­berg, Tor­pedo came about after the exe­cu­tion of the former book­store at the Museum of Con­tem­por­ary art in 2004, a res­ult of the polit­ic­al mer­ging of five major museums and insti­tu­tions into the Nation­al Museum of art, Design and archi­tec­ture. With the con­tin­ued trend of shut­ting down inde­pend­ent book­stores for the bene­fit and dom­in­a­tion of big­ger and few­er traders, Tor­pedo is emphas­iz­ing the interest in strength­en­ing the field of pro­duc­tion and dis­tri­bu­tion of artists› books and small pub­lish­ers pub­lic­a­tions in Nor­way. This also reflects our work inter­na­tion­ally on dis­tri­bu­tion, present­a­tion and col­lab­or­a­tions with artists, crit­ics, writers, insti­tu­tions and cur­at­ors.

As a pub­lish­er Tor­pedo Press‹ pro­gram range from fan­zine pro­duc­tions to essay series and artists‹ books. Addi­tion­al activ­it­ies include research and cur­at­ori­al prac­tice aim­ing to invest­ig­ate his­tor­ic­al and con­tem­por­ary pro­duc­tion of prin­ted mat­ter, and dif­fer­ent strategies in pub­lish­ing. Tor­pedo also provide, on invites, cus­tom­ized mod­ules with a tar­geted selec­tion of pub­lic­a­tions that con­tex­tu­al­ize cur­rent exhib­i­tions.«

Tor­pedo Press & Book­store
Tre­last­gata 3, Oslo · Nor­way

Septem­ber 17th 2010
5pm to 9pm

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