Exhibition — Millennium Magazines

On Feb­ru­ary 20th 2012 the Museum Of Mod­ern Art opens the exhib­i­tion Mil­len­ni­um Magazines, ded­ic­ated to exper­i­ment­al art and design magazines…

This sur­vey of exper­i­ment­al art and design magazines pub­lished since 2000 explores the vari­ous ways in which con­tem­por­ary artists and design­ers util­ize the magazine format as an exper­i­ment­al space for the present­a­tion of art­works and text. Through­out the 20th cen­tury, inter­na­tion­al avant-garde activ­it­ies in the visu­al arts and design were often codi­fied first in the inform­al con­text of a magazine or journ­al. This exhib­i­tion, drawn from the hold­ings of the MoMA Lib­rary, fol­lows the prac­tice into the 21st cen­tury. The works on view rep­res­ent a broad array of inter­na­tion­al titles with­in this genre, from com­munity-build­ing news­pa­pers to image-only pho­to­graphy magazines to con­cep­tu­al design pro­jects. The con­tents illus­trate a diverse range of image-mak­ing, edit­ing, design, print­ing, and dis­tri­bu­tion prac­tices. There are obvi­ous con­nec­tions to the past lin­eage of artists’ magazines and little archi­tec­ture and design magazines of the 20th cen­tury, as well as a clear sense of the applic­a­tion of new tech­niques of image-edit­ing and print­ing meth­ods. Assembled togeth­er, these con­tem­por­ary magazines provide a first-hand view into these prac­tices and rep­res­ents the MoMA Library’s sus­tained effort to doc­u­ment and col­lect this medi­um.”

Museum of Mod­ern Art,
MoMA Lib­rary, 11 West Fifty-third Street
New York City

Feb­ru­ary 20th to May 14th, 2012