Presentation — 1%ofONE Nr. 18

You are invited to the present­a­tion of 1%ofONE press on March 9th 2012 at HipHip Atelier in Sofia, Bul­garia…

In occa­sion of the present­a­tion 1%ofONE will launch their new pub­lic­a­tion Nr. 18.

1%ofONE Ver­lag is a small inde­pend­ent pub­lish­ing foun­ded in the begin­ning of 2011 and based in Ham­burg, Ger­many.
1%ofONE is focused on pub­lish­ing artist books in small edi­tions. Most of the books are pho­to­graphy based. The main intnen­tion of 1%ofONE is explor­ing this medi­um and work­ing with pho­to­graphs on an exper­i­ment­al level, devel­op­ing the pho­to­book fur­ther to an artist book.
1%ofONE is cur­rently also work­ing with typo­graphy, text and visu­al poetry as well. The 1%ofONE books are hand­bound and also hand­prin­ted using tech­niques vary­ing from digit­al to off­set and also silk, lin­ol and let­ter press print­ing.
1%ofONE pub­lic­a­tions are part of inde­pedent book lib­rar­ies in Eng­land, Japan, USA and Bul­garia and have been shown on vari­ous exhib­i­tions all over the world.”

 — HipHip

HipHip Atelier
166 Knyaz Bor­is I Str.
Sofia, Bul­garia

Mach 9th 2011 (time to be con­firmed)