Fair — Publish and Be Damned

On March 17th 2012 the Pub­lish and Be Damned fair will take place at the Insti­tute of Con­tem­por­ary Arts (ICA) in Lon­don…

Pub­lish and Be Damned is an ongo­ing pro­ject focus­ing on artist-led and self-pub­lished magazines, journ­als, peri­od­ic­als and oth­er prin­ted mat­ter.

46 Pub­lish And Be Damned Mem­bers occupy the ICA and sell their wares includ­ing: Aes​ante​.com, AND pub­lish­ing, Art­licks, Bastón Blanco, Ban­ner Repeat­er, Behind the X, Black Eyed Susan, Bor­bonesa, Com­pletely Naked, Con­trol, covered­in­toner, Crit­ic­al Writ­ing Col­lect­ive, Ditto, Don­ald Urquart, Go Togeth­er Press, Esth­er Planas, Every­day Press, Evid­ence, PICPUS, Four­teen ‑Nine­teen, Hard Mag, ifi­found­a­frozen­time­warpid­putitin­the­mi­crowaveaty­our­house, Inform­a­tion as Mater­i­al, The Journ­al of Aes­thet­ics and Protest, Land­fill Edi­tions, Nov­el, P.E.A.R., Pre­ston is my Par­is, Pablo Inter­nacion­al Magazine, Schism, theselec​tion​.net, Clod, Insti­tu­tion of Rot Edi­tions, the­johndoryre­port, Lem­on­Mel­on, A.A.A.B.A.M (Artists’ Asso­ci­ation of Autonom­ous Book Art & Magazines), Sara MacK­il­lop, Marbled Reams, Monaco, NAPA, Trans­ition Edi­tions, The Vel­vet Cell, West­phalie Ver­lag, White Fungus, Yuk ‘n’ Yum, Madame Wang, Daniel James Wilkin­son and X Marks the Bök­ship


12 to 6pm — The Fair

3pm — I Don’t Want to Make a Book (Cinema 1)
“While there has been a long his­tory of artists’ books — or ‘livres d’artistes’ as short edi­tions and craft objects, there is a par­al­lel his­tory of pub­lic­a­tions as a form of dis­sem­in­a­tion and exper­i­ment­a­tion with­in art, lit­er­at­ure and design. As con­cep­tu­al, archiv­al and research-based prac­tices have emerged, the role of pub­lic­a­tions in nar­rat­ing works of art has become more pre­val­ent. But with digit­al media ren­der­ing inform­a­tion avail­able in more imme­di­ate and eas­ily dis­trib­uted forms online, what pur­pose do such pub­lic­a­tions serve? Are they a neces­sary part of an artist’s prac­tice, or a mark of suc­cess? And, is there anoth­er, per­haps more sig­ni­fic­ant, paradigm in which the pub­lic­a­tion becomes a cata­lyst for social activ­ity and events to coalesce?” — ICA
Pan­el dis­cus­sion with Lynn Har­ris (ANDpub­lish­ing, Lon­don) Marc Herbst (The Journ­al of Aes­thet­ics and Protest, Los Angeles & Leipzig) and Nick Thur­ston (Inform­a­tion as Mater­i­al, York). Chaired by Kit Ham­monds (Pub­lish and be Damned, Lon­don).

3 to 6pm — Am Nuden Da: Session_​22_​Reading of All Words (ICA Bar)
A three hour read­ing by two act­ors of the pro­ject Words.

6 to 8pm — Rap­id fire launches
6.00 – The Lon­don Book­shop Map – Issue No 2 – read­ing by Kat­rina Palmer
6.15 – Wys­ing Arts Centre/​PABD/​Unrealised Pro­jects – A MOCK UP
6.30 – Madame Wang – Issue 3
6.45 – Aleksandra Mir – Fred­die on the Plinth
7.00 – The Every­day Press – Forth&Back
7.15 – Trans­ition Edi­tions – Gar­age­land Issue 13: Paint
7.30 – Gab­ri­elle Le Bay­on – Image of a City, Striv­ings Aside ed. Paul Buck
7.45 – The Block- Cata­logue by Sara MacK­il­lop
8.00 – Milly Thompson/​Lanchester Gal­lery Pro­jects – VUOTO

Insti­tute of Con­tem­por­ary Arts
The Mall, West­min­ster
SW1Y 5AH Lon­don

March 17th from 12 to 8pm