Exhibition — Roma Publications

The Research Centre for Artists‹ Pub­lic­a­tions, at Weser­burg, Museum für Mod­erne Kunst in Bre­men (Ger­many) acquires the com­plete cata­logue of Roma Pub­lic­a­tions up to cur­rent date. For this occa­sion Roma 1 to 179 will be on show in the museum from March 9th till May 13th, 2012

This exhib­i­tion fea­tures the pub­lic­a­tions released from 1998 onwards by Roma Pub­lic­a­tions, the pub­lish­ing house foun­ded in Ams­ter­dam by the artist Mark Manders and the graph­ic design­er Roger Wille­ms. In close col­lab­or­a­tion with artists and writers, Roma Pub­lic­a­tions has pro­duces indi­vidu­al and very diverse pub­lic­a­tions in edi­tions ran­ging from two to 150,000 cop­ies. Their artists’ books, artists’ magazines as well as the graph­ic works they release are cir­cu­lated widely, as sup­ple­ments in oth­er pub­lic­a­tions or as “give aways”.

Mark Manders and Roger Wille­ms remain inde­pend­ent from insti­tu­tions or com­mer­cial pub­lish­ing houses and the books pro­duced by Roma Pub­lic­a­tions are, for the most part, low-budget pro­jects. Artist­ic free­dom is essen­tial to their work and enables them to real­ize each pub­lic­a­tion exactly as con­ceived by its author, without time con­straints or con­ces­sions. Mark Manders, the cre­at­or of numer­ous install­a­tions, also con­ceives of the book as an object and as an exhib­i­tion space, to which he devotes him­self with enthu­si­asm.

From this start­ing point, the move towards activ­ity as a cur­at­or was a logic­al step. Manders and Wille­ms there­fore organ­ized for their pub­lish­ing pro­gramme to be presen­ted in the Neues Museum Weser­burg itself! A new Roma Pub­lic­a­tions title appears on the occa­sion of the Bre­men exhib­i­tion.”
 — Weser­burg

Weser­burg | Museum of Mod­ern Art
Teer­hof 20
28199 Bre­men (Ger­many)

March 9th to May 13th 2012