Fair — It’s a Book, It’s a Stage, It’s a Public Place

You are invited to join the third gath­er­ing of inde­pend­ent pub­lish­ers and pub­lish­ing pro­jects It’s a Book, It’s a Stage, It’s a Pub­lic Place on March 17th 2012 at the Cent­raltheat­er in Leipzig…

For the third year run­ning, on the Sat­urday of the Leipzig Book Fair more than 20 ‘micro-éditeurs’ con­verge on the Cent­raltheat­er Leipzig. Once again there is going to be a mul­ti­tude of con­ver­sa­tions: The exchange of goods and ideas, net­work­ing and dis­course cul­ture are going to coin­cide and con­nect. This year’s lec­tures are sum­mar­ised under the title Exer­cises in Eco­nomy.
 — Spect­or Books

From 2pm onward pub­lish­ers, graph­ic design­ers and book­sellers will debate ques­tions of pro­duc­tion and repro­duc­tion, cul­tur­al val­ues and entre­pren­eur­i­al con­cepts, sym­bol­ic cap­it­al and real debt: Eco­nom­ic microana­lyses, product present­a­tions, nar­rat­ives of dreams and night­mares in twenty minute cycles.

Par­ti­cipants: AKV Ber­lin · Archive Books (Ber­lin) · Argo­books (Ber­lin) · August Ver­lag (Ber­lin) · Cam­era Aus­tria (Graz) · Der Wed­ding — Das Magazin für All­tag­skul­tur (Ber­lin) · dis­ad­orno edi­tion (Ber­lin) · Edit. Papi­er für neue Texte (Leipzig) · Edi­tion Patrick Frey (Zürich) · Fil­lip (Van­couver) · Foto­hof Edi­tion (Salzburg) · Glor­ia Glitzer (Ber­lin) · Hands on Papers (Ber­lin) · Insti­tut für Buch­kunst (Leipzig) · Kodoji Press (Baden) · Kultur&Gespenster (Ham­burg) · Lub­ok Ver­lag (Leipzig) · MZIN (Leipzig) · Philo Fine Arts (Ham­burg) · shake your tree (Ber­lin) · Spect­or Books (Leipzig)


Bosestraße 1
Leipzig (Ger­many)

March 17th 2012 from 12 to 7pm

organ­ised by Spect­or Books