Open Call — The Shelf Library

Topo Copy is an ‘open lab-research-cen­ter’ for art prints and zines based in Ghent who col­lec­ted a lot of selfpub­lished pub­lic­a­tions over the last years. Actu­ally they’re going to make the col­lec­tion avail­able for the pub­lic. This pro­ject is called The Shelf Lib­rary and will be launched on April 1st 2012 at DOK in occas­sion of the Bleed 2012 fest­iv­al…

You are invited to become a part of The Shelf Lib­rary in con­trib­ut­ing your selfpub­lished zines, books and art prints. Please dont for­get to add some inform­a­tions about you and your press this helps a lot.

Topo Copy
Oktrooiplein 1
9000 Ghent (BE)