Event — How to Select? Part III

Prin­t­Room invites you to How to Select? Part III an even­ing with book present­a­tions, talks, screen­ings and drinks on March 16th 2012 in Rot­ter­dam…



Gagar­in, the Artists in their Own Words
by Wil­fried Huet (edit­or),
Gagar­in is an artist’s magazine (°2000), entirely ded­ic­ated to the pub­lic­a­tion of espe­cially writ­ten and unpub­lished texts by con­tem­por­ary artists from all over the world.
Also the Dutch launch of Gagar­in # 24, with a present­a­tion of work by con­trib­ut­or Bart Lodewijks (The Flanders Pen­in­sula).
The magazine appears twice a year. In this issue, spe­cially com­mi­s­ioned texts by Lara Almar­ce­gui, Ahmet Ögüt, Wil­fredo Pri­eto, Tómas, Bart Lodewijks, Jeff Gabel, Santu Mofokeng and Jeppe Hein.

The Eriskay Con­nec­tion
New pub­lish­ing house by Rob van Hoesel and Christel van Steen­hoven
Screen­dump #1 by Karin Krijgs­man and Suz­an Geld­hoff
On Vir­tu­al Strolls: pho­to­graphy and vir­tu­al strolls through Google Street View.
Fol­low­ing a num­ber of texts and a col­lec­tion of works, the out­lines of a new genre occur in a new pho­to­graphy era: the age of vir­tu­al pho­to­graphy.

Rong – Wrong
by Scott Joseph (edit­or)
“Rong – Wrong is lamp(ed) by lan­guage. It com­mu­nic­ates and dis­tils itself (through time and form) the doc­trine that there isn’t any­thing, any­where any­more, and thus, seeks to cor­res­pond and con­front the dangers of self-decep­tion and the ulti­mate impossib­il­ity of exist­ence in a world of abso­lutes – the hands are a‑washed with spir­its, he said.

The object (itself, but without a name) is pro­duced (edited, prin­ted, pub­lished and dis­persed) via a multi-fold of invis­ible cor­res­pond­ences that can­not be wholly tran­scribed. The gestalt forever remains incom­plete. Our residues are con­tinu­ally and ter­min­ally unre­solved.”
— Scott Joseph

Schi­et­baan­straat 17
3014ZV Rot­ter­dam
The Neth­er­lands

March 16th 2012 from 7 to 10pm