Launch — Animal Shelter #2

You are invited to cel­eb­rate the launch of Anim­al Shelter’s second issue on April 4th 2012 at Ooga Booga in Los Angeles…

Issue 2 fea­tures fic­tion, art­work, poetry, con­ver­sa­tions and essays by Dod­ie Bel­lamy, Franco “Bifo” Berardi, Moyra Dav­ey, Robert Dewhurst, Ben Ehren­reich, Matt Fishbeck,Veronica Gonza­lez, Bruce Hain­ley, Chris Kraus, Rachel Kush­ner, Sylvere Lotringer, Alistair McCart­ney, Slava Mogutin, Eileen Myles, Jed Och­manek, George Por­cari, Michael Rashkow, Shlomo Sand, Mar­gie Schnibbe, Sarah Wang, and more.

Star­ted in 2008, Anim­al Shel­ter #1 summoned the under­ground press sex cul­ture of the 1970s as an intel­lec­tu­al con­duit. The new issue evokes the sus­pen­ded atmo­sphere of a world drift­ing in limbo; ana­lys­is laced with an under­tow of obli­vi­on. Desub­lim­a­tion, digres­sion, neg­at­ive monu­ment, cata­strophe, shad­ows, hor­ror and sex­i­ness, Gay Sun­shine, blue line…

… At the Lib­er­a­tion … I dis­covered a coast that had been off lim­its dur­ing the entire war. For a child, the dis­cov­ery of that sea­scape was an extraordin­ary moment, the end f the world, the fin­is­terre; the dis­cov­ery of free­dom as well as an end­less, neg­at­ive hori­zon where there is noth­ing but the hori­zon, noth­ing but flu­id dynam­ics.”
 — Paul Vir­ilio, The Lit­tor­al as Final Fron­ti­er

Anim­al Shel­ter issue 2 was edited by Hedi El Kholti of Semiotext(e).

943 N. Broad­way #203
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Wed­nes­day, April 4th 2012 from 6 to 8pm