Presentation — During the Exhibition the Gallery Will Be Closed

You’re invited to the book present­a­tion Dur­ing the Exhib­i­tion the Gal­lery Will Be Closed with Bart Ver­schaf­fel (Ghent Uni­ver­sity), Mar­griet Schave­maker (Stedelijk Museum Ams­ter­dam) and Cam­iel van Winkel on April 13th 2012 at Motto@Wiels in Brus­sels…

This post-con­cep­tu­al per­spect­ive offers a new and reveal­ing insight into the sys­tem­at­ics of con­tem­por­ary art and artist­hood, in par­tic­u­lar with regard to the rela­tion between con­cep­tu­al and visu­al aspects, the mean­ing of the­or­et­ic­al dis­course, and the role of insti­tu­tions and medi­at­ors.”
 — Cam­iel van Winkel

In this col­lec­tion of essays, Ams­ter­dam art his­tor­i­an and crit­ic Cam­iel van Winkel digs up the con­cep­tu­al roots of con­tem­por­ary art, design and pho­to­graphy to argue that the art of today is, as a whole, ‘post-con­cep­tu­al.’ Focus­ing on the con­cep­tu­al artists of the years 1965 – 1975, van Winkel exam­ines how the art of that era con­tin­ues to inform the art world today. Highly polem­ic­al and very read­able, Dur­ing the Exhib­i­tion the Gal­lery Will Be Closed looks at the cul­tur­al dom­in­ance of inform­a­tion in art dis­course, the pro­fes­sion­al­iz­a­tion of artist­ic prac­tices, the debate over ‘good design’ in art and the role insti­tu­tions play in art the­ory. It is an essen­tial col­lec­tion for any under­stand­ing of that idea, belief and desire we today call ‘the artist.’”
 — art­books


Av. Van Volxem­laan 354
1190 Bruxelles — Brus­sel

April 13th 2012