Event — Duplicata – A Collective Bookmaking Experience

12 is doing a great event and you are invited to par­ti­cip­ate. On May 3rd 2012 Duplicata – A Col­lect­ive Book­mak­ing Exper­i­ence will take place at Auf­bau Haus in Ber­lin…

1÷2 pro­poses an exper­i­ence of book mak­ing. The idea is to make a col­lect­ive pub­lic­a­tion in real time with only the help of a copy machine. The action is open to the pub­lic and starts with a call for entries where every­body can send via post a pho­to­graph they want to share. The aim is to gen­er­ate an ori­gin­al pub­lic­a­tion with cop­ies of cop­ies of copied images, the cop­ies becom­ing an ori­gin­al art­work.”
 — 12

12 is Laure Boer, Anne-Pau­line Mabire, Lucie Pind­at and Chloé Thomas. After they gradu­ated at the ENSAAMA Olivi­er de Serres, design academy in Par­is, mov­ing to new hori­zons in Ber­lin, Ams­ter­dam, Vienna and Rennes respect­ively. In order to keep in con­tact and exchange their work and design con­cep­tions, the four girls cre­ated an online space in 2007 and in 2008 pub­lished the eponym­ous pub­lic­a­tion. 12 became a plat­form for ongo­ing exper­i­ment­a­tion apart from their pro­fes­sion­al design activ­it­ies. 12 is a kind of per­petu­al trip across cit­ies and also minds. It tries to catch every day beauty, any­where and any­way.

Duplicata @ Auf­bau Haus

Dead­line for entries: April 31st, 2012
Work­shop: May 3rd, 2012
Exhib­i­tion: May 7th, 2012