Lectures — Perspecitvas Mutantes

If pos­sible you should got to Mad­rid next week. Lib­ros Mutantes is call­ing with great work­shops, con­certs, a con­fer­ence, a fair and much more. Really an event you shouldn’t miss. Today the line-up of the con­fer­ence Per­spe­citvas Mutantes:


About #2 by Mor­itz Grünke · pub­lished by Glor­ia Glitzer

April 20th — 6pm Mor­itz Grünke (artzines​.de)
I will talk about artzines​.de and Glor­ia Glitzer.

The Long Hair of Death by Elena Gal­len · pub­lised by Tulenizdat

April 20th — 7pm Elena Gallén
Elena Gallén is an artist and design­er based in Bar­celona. She co-dir­ects the con­cep­tu­al zine Fuego and foun­ded Untitled a bur­eau for “rad­ic­al graph­ic design” and works as a fash­ion design­er aswell.

PWR Paper #6 · put togeth­er by Hanna Ter­ese & Rasmus Svens­son

April 20th — 8pm Rasmus Svens­son & Hanna Ter­ese (PWR PAPER)
The two swedish design­ers Hanna Ter­ese and Rasmus Svens­son are the founders of PWR Paper. They will talk about their exper­i­ence and per­son­al vis­ion of the european world of desktop pub­lish­ing.

Wait­ing for the ladies by Pete Swan­son & Rene Hell · pub­lished by Shel­ter Press

April 21st — 6pm Bar­to­lomé San­son & Féli­cia Atkin­son (Shel­ter Press)
In 2004 Bar­to­lomé San­son foun­ded Kaugummi Books an inde­pend­ent pub­lish­er and label based in Rennes, France. In 2011 he closed Kaugummi down, moved to Brus­sel where he foundend, togeth­er with Féli­cia Atkin­son, Shel­ter Press as  con­tinu­ation of Kaugummi.

Mul­tip­los book store in Bar­celona

April 21st — 7pm Anna Pahissa (Múl­tip­los)
Anna Pahissa drives Múl­tip­los in Bar­celona, an book store ded­ic­ated to the dis­tri­bu­tion of span­ish artist books, artzines and inde­pend­ent pub­lic­a­tions.

Dead of Alive — First Issue · foun­ded by Alex­an­der Lis

April 21st — 8pm Alex­an­der Lis
Alex­an­der Lis is a graph­ic design­er who lives and works in Frank­furt, Ger­many. He is the founder of First Issue, a Self-pub­lish­ing book fair for design and art, that took place at basis e.V. in Frank­furt, last year.


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