Launch — Tiempo Muerto #0

Tiempo Muerto is an edit­or­i­al pro­ject by Juan Pablo Macias made in col­lab­or­a­tion with Zirkum­flex and the cur­at­or Emily Barsi. The publication’s launch will take place at the Zirkum­flex Art Space, in Ber­lin, on Sunday May 6th 2012

Tiempo Muerto (Dead Time) has two func­tions: To serve as a ret­ro­spect­ive sur­vey of the Bib­li­oteca Social Recon­stru­ir (one of the main anarch­ist resources in Mex­ico) and the events gen­er­ated around its evic­tion in 2009; and to serve as a state­ment and record of the eco­nom­ic­al strategies which were used with the aim of buy­ing a house to host this lib­rary in Mex­ico City.

Ricardo Mestre Ven­tura, an anarch­ist vet­er­an of the Span­ish Civil War, foun­ded Bib­li­oteca Social Recon­stru­ir in 1978. In 1980, it opened its doors to the pub­lic and since then it has become one of the main anarch­ist resources in Mex­ico with its col­lec­tion of more then 5000 books, amongst them 1000 that are spe­cific­ally related to anarch­ism. In July 2009 they were evicted with a seizure order. They man­aged to get the col­lec­tion out of the ren­ted prop­erty in time to save it. Since then the col­lec­tion has been closed in card­board boxes.

One of the prim­or­di­al ideas sus­tain­ing each one of my actions since I met the anarch­ist Lib­rary has been divert­ing money from the art world to fin­ance this anarch­ist ini­ti­at­ive. From this per­spect­ive, the amount of money devoted for ster­il­ized art prac­tices is not accept­able.

The pro­claim­ing of the object­ive of buy­ing a space for BSR in Mex­ico City as an art pro­ject might sound sui­cid­al, and prob­ably it is, but to accept to be intim­id­ated by circa 30 000 € is to accept that money can only be accu­mu­lated through stealth by big cor­por­a­tions and states, under the basis of the acquis­i­tion of not vital goods. Who says that pre­serving one of the biggest spe­cial­ized lib­rar­ies in anarch­ism in Lat­in Amer­ica is not a con­cern of first order?

The num­bers of Tiempo Muerto journ­al will stop in the moment in which the sum of money required for buy­ing the house has been reached: #0, #1, #2, #3… who knows…

Some of the strategies we will use for this object­ive include revis­it­ing the eco­nom­ic­al aspect of the work of art as a mer­chand­ise, redis­trib­ut­ing its profit with the mater­i­al real­ity it talks about; gen­er­at­ing solid­ar­ity net­works; col­lab­or­at­ing with diverse com­pan­ions like the music­al band from Car­rara Les Anarch­istes; and so on.”
 — Juan Pablo Macias


Fontan­es­traße 25
12049 Ber­lin

Sunday May 6th 2012 from 3 to 9pm

This event is part of the pro­gram of: 7th Ber­lin Bien­nale 2012