Event — Kunstpublikationer 2012

Publications by Jessica Williams


On Friday May 11th 2012 opens Kunstpublikationer 2012 and the annual art publications fair at Overgaden in Copenhagen…

Saturday May 12th – Sunday May 13th from 12 to 5pm

Participants at the fair: A Shoal of Mackerel (SE & UK), Aben Maler (DK & UK), After Hand (DK), Aki Books (NO), AKV Berlin (DE), Broken Dimanche Publications (DE), Edition Taube (DE), emancipa(t/ss)ionsfrugten (DK), Feil Forlag (NO), Forlaget E+ (DK), Forlaget *[asterisk] (DK), Hurricane Publishing (DK), Internationalistisk Ideale (DK), Kultpumpen (DK), Lubok Verlag (DE), Motto Berlin (DE), NSEW (NO), OEI (SE), Publish and Be Damned (UK), Space Poetry (DK), Spector Books (DE), Torpedo (NO), Yokoland (NO).


Saturday May 12th — Sunday May 13th from 12 to5pm

During the weekend of the fair, the Aarhus-based group Sideprojects invites you to visit their zine factory, where you can create your own publication with inspiration from an assortment of zines from all over the world. The contributions produced during the fair will be collected in a publication that will be on display at Overgaden until 27 May. The workshop is open for everyone to join. No need to sign up.


Motto Berlin — Saturday May 12th at 3pm
OEI magazine & editör — Sunday May 13th at 4pm
Aki Books — Sunday May 13th at 1pm
Temporary Services & Mikkel Bolt — Thursday May 17th from 6 to 8pm
Over the course of Kunstpublikationer 2012, invited exhibitors will present and discuss their selected publications.

Kit Hammonds (Publish and Be Damned) — Sunday 13 May at 2pm
The first guest is british freelance curator and writer, Kit Hammonds, who is one of the founders of the publishing project Publish and Be Damned. He has curated a glass cabinet dedicated to the modernistic journal for art and culture Amauta, first published in 1926 in Lima. In a performative action Hammonds transforms the class cabinet into a tactile surface for reflections on the ideas of publishing, education, and modernism. The event will be in English.

Jessica Williams (NSWE) — Sunday 13 May at 2pm
With her interest in the printing system, Risograph, as a starting point, the Oslo-based artist Jessica Williams will present the printed matter on display in the glass cabinet she has curated at Kunstpublikationer 2012. Furthermore she will reflect on publishing as a central part of her artistic practice. The event will be in English.

Overgaden. — Institute of Contemporary Art
Overgaden Neden Vandet 17
DK-1414 Copenhagen K