Event — Kunstpublikationer 2012

Pub­lic­a­tions by Jes­sica Wil­li­ams


On Fri­day May 11th 2012 opens Kun­st­pub­lika­tion­er 2012 and the annu­al art pub­lic­a­tions fair at Over­gaden in Copen­ha­gen…

Sat­urday May 12th – Sunday May 13th from 12 to 5pm

Par­ti­cipants at the fair: A Shoal of Mack­er­el (SE & UK), Aben Maler (DK & UK), After Hand (DK), Aki Books (NO), AKV Ber­lin (DE), Broken Dimanche Pub­lic­a­tions (DE), Edi­tion Taube (DE), emancipa(t/ss)ionsfrugten (DK), Feil For­lag (NO), For­la­get E+ (DK), For­la­get *[aster­isk] (DK), Hur­ricane Pub­lish­ing (DK), Inter­na­tion­al­istisk Ideale (DK), Kult­pumpen (DK), Lub­ok Ver­lag (DE), Motto Ber­lin (DE), NSEW (NO), OEI (SE), Pub­lish and Be Damned (UK), Space Poetry (DK), Spect­or Books (DE), Tor­pedo (NO), Yoko­land (NO).


Sat­urday May 12th — Sunday May 13th from 12 to5pm

Dur­ing the week­end of the fair, the Aar­hus-based group Side­pro­jects invites you to vis­it their zine fact­ory, where you can cre­ate your own pub­lic­a­tion with inspir­a­tion from an assort­ment of zines from all over the world. The con­tri­bu­tions pro­duced dur­ing the fair will be col­lec­ted in a pub­lic­a­tion that will be on dis­play at Over­gaden until 27 May. The work­shop is open for every­one to join. No need to sign up.


Motto Ber­lin — Sat­urday May 12th at 3pm
OEI magazine & editör — Sunday May 13th at 4pm
Aki Books — Sunday May 13th at 1pm
Tem­por­ary Ser­vices & Mikkel Bolt — Thursday May 17th from 6 to 8pm
Over the course of Kun­st­pub­lika­tion­er 2012, invited exhib­it­ors will present and dis­cuss their selec­ted pub­lic­a­tions.

Kit Ham­monds (Pub­lish and Be Damned) — Sunday 13 May at 2pm
The first guest is brit­ish freel­ance cur­at­or and writer, Kit Ham­monds, who is one of the founders of the pub­lish­ing pro­ject Pub­lish and Be Damned. He has cur­ated a glass cab­in­et ded­ic­ated to the mod­ern­ist­ic journ­al for art and cul­ture Amauta, first pub­lished in 1926 in Lima. In a per­form­at­ive action Ham­monds trans­forms the class cab­in­et into a tact­ile sur­face for reflec­tions on the ideas of pub­lish­ing, edu­ca­tion, and mod­ern­ism. The event will be in Eng­lish.

Jes­sica Wil­li­ams (NSWE) — Sunday 13 May at 2pm
With her interest in the print­ing sys­tem, Riso­graph, as a start­ing point, the Oslo-based artist Jes­sica Wil­li­ams will present the prin­ted mat­ter on dis­play in the glass cab­in­et she has cur­ated at Kun­st­pub­lika­tion­er 2012. Fur­ther­more she will reflect on pub­lish­ing as a cent­ral part of her artist­ic prac­tice. The event will be in Eng­lish.

Over­gaden. — Insti­tute of Con­tem­por­ary Art
Over­gaden Neden Van­det 17
DK-1414 Copen­ha­gen K