Exhibition — Another Exhibition

From May 12th to June 2nd 2012 the lib­rary of the Ger­rit Rietveld Academy will host Anoth­er Exhib­i­tion an over­view of the artist’s books made by Ger­man artist Hans-Peter Feld­mann

Hans-Peter Feld­mann (1941, Düs­sel­dorf) is known for his remark­able use of pho­to­graphy, oth­er imagery and ordin­ary objects in his work. The exhib­i­tion is cur­ated by Frank Mander­sloot, who has built up an impress­ive col­lec­tion of books by Feld­mann over the last dec­ades. In this exhib­i­tion Feldmann’s work is dis­played in vit­rines espe­cially designed by Mander­sloot for this occa­sion.”
 — Ger­rit Rietveld Academy

Lib­rary – Ger­rit Rietveld Academy
Ben­them Crouwel Build­ing
Fre­derik Roeskestraat 96
1076 ED Ams­ter­dam

May 12th to June 2nd 2012
Open­ing: May 11th from 4 to 6pm