LENTYNA is a self-pub­lish­ing art event tak­ing place from June 19th to 20th 2012 in Vil­ni­us (Lithuania)…

LENTYNA is focus­ing on artist-led and self-pub­lished books, zines, magazines, journ­als, peri­od­ic­als and oth­er prin­ted mat­ter. It is organ­ized by a group of Lithuani­an artists to encour­age people to express them­selves via self-pub­lish­ing cul­ture.

Pub­lish­er: Art­books (LTU) · BBB-Books (SWE) · Café Roy­al Books (UK) · Cata­logue Lib­rary (UK) · Für Dich Ver­lag (BEL) · Innen (HUN) · JSBJ (FRA) · Lugem­ik (EST) · Museum Press (UK) · NSEW (USA/NOR) · RawRaw (ITA) · Pre­cinct (UK) · TTL­TRPress (CZE) · 1%ofONE Ver­lag (DEU)

Talks and Work­shops by: Jes­sica Wil­li­ams (NSEW) · Klara Käll­ström & Thobi­as Fäldt (BBB-Books) · Gedi­m­i­nas Šiaulys (Pet­Punk) · Dovilė Puz­inaitė (That­Sug­ar­Beet)

Nation­al Gal­lery of Art
Kon­stitu­ci­jos pr. 22

June 19th to 20th 2012