Event — Fernand Baudin Prize 2011 in Amsterdam

From June 21st until July 15th 2012, the Prize-Winning books of the Fernand Baudin Prize 2011 will be on display and available at Nijhof & Lee at the Bijzondere Collecties in Amsterdam.
On this occasion, a panel discussion between collaborators of the Prize-Winning books and Dutch book professionals will take place on June 21st at Bijzondere Collecties (the Heritage Collections of the University of Amsterdam)…

June 21st 2012 from 4 to 7pm
at Museumcafé at Bijzondere Collecties

Manuela Dechamps Otamendi (BE): graphic designer, teacher at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Liège and at l’Erg (Brussels), member of the Fernand Baudin Prize non-profit organisation
Luc Derycke (BE): graphic designer (Studio Luc Derycke) and publisher (MER. Paper Kunsthalle)
Just Enschedé (NL): Foundation De Best Verzorgde Boeken (The Best Dutch Book Designs)
Joost Grootens (NL): graphic designer (studio Joost Grootens) and teacher at the Design Academy Eindhoven
Charles Mazé (FR): graphic designer in duo with Coline Sunier
Roger Willems (NL): graphic designer and publisher (Roma Publications)

The debate will be moderated by Steph Scholten (NL), director of the Bijzondere Collecties.

Bijzondere Collecties
Oude Turfmarkt 129
1012 GC Amsterdam

June 21st to July 15th 2012