Event — Panorama #10

This week is the last week of Théophile’s Panorama N° 10 at Abilene Gallery in Brussels and you are invited to join the upcoming events…

Wednesday, June 20th at 7pm
Eléonore Joulin work presentation

Friday 20th of June at 7pm
Figure Magazine Launch

Saturday 23th of June
Shelter Press Day 2

from 4 to 9pm Books, music and more.
from 9 to 11pm Concert Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier
from 11pm after party in the Abilene’s cavern

Sunday 24th of June from 2 to 7pm
Finissage & Sprtlux
Closing afternoon, with Sport Luxe, Gir-L
and music (Sun Suck, Pshit zine…)

Abilene Gallery
163, rue de la Victoire
1060 St Gilles – Brussels