Open Call — Zine Dream #5

Zine Dream #5

From August 10th to 11th 2012 the fifth Zine Dream will take place at Tran­zac in Toronto. Actu­ally they are call­ing for exhib­it­ors…

Zine Dream is an annu­al small press art fair that is held at the Tran­zac in Toronto, Ontario. Each year fea­tures over 50 vendors of self pub­lished books, com­ics, music, zines, hand made crafts, prints & much more!«
 — Zine Dream

This year the fair will include a work­shop and a pan­el dis­cus­sion.
If you’re inter­ested in par­ti­cip­at­ing con­tact them for more inform­a­tion about reserving your space.

Zine Dream
292 Brun­swick ave.
Toronto, Ontario

August 10th to 11th 2012