Exhibition — HELP/LESS

From July 14th to September 29th 2012 Printed Matter is hosting an ambitious instore exhibition entitled HELP/LESS, organized by artist Chris Habib. The store-wide show includes over 180 books that explore the fluidity of authorship in artists‘ books and multiples. You are invited for the opening on Saturday, July 14th 2012…

“Including original artworks, book objects, prints and a tremendous selection of artists‘ books, HELP/LESS looks to the various modes and methods of appropriation in contemporary art, including: plagiarism, re-authorship, identity subversion, copyism, substration, redaction, curation from the Commons, collective authorship, forgery, theoretical translation, narrative appropriation and reprography. The books gathered in the show represent many of the significant works that have, by choice or not, framed the conversation about fair use, derivation and the nature of contemporary practice. In the spirit of the books, ephemera and multiples it presents, HELP/LESS re-considers the exhibition space as an object to upset. It considers its viewers and featured artists accomplices.”
— Printed Matter

Over the course of the exhibition Printed Matter will host a series of artist-led workshops on-site, inviting the audience to become collaborators and conspirators in the generation, propagation and perpetuation of new work addressing pre-existing works. The participatory workshops – marathon readings, mock trials, live-typing and book bootlegging – will utilize common threads of re-photography, redaction, physical manipulation of mass-market trade titles, and collective authorship/group appropriation to create new works and interrogate existing projects. In addition, two ongoing performative ‚transmissions‘ will run the course of the exhibition, a Window Fax Project and revisionist Video Page-Through broadcast via Google Plus where Habib will modify a stack of photos live, both of which will offer a continuous look at reproductions of scarce books.

Workshops will be led by Greg Allen, Hester Barnard, Judith Barry, Eric Doeringer, Chris Habib, Joe Hale, Kenny Goldsmith, Piracy Project (Eva Marie Weinmayr & Andrea Francke), Brian Singer, Temporary Services, Marshall Weber, and Ofer Wolberger. Attendance to these sessions is limited, and will require RSVP. Please email for more information, or look for a full schedule of events on their website.

Printed Matter, Inc.
195 Tenth Avenue
New York, NY 10011

July 14th to September 29th 2012
Opening on Saturday, July 14th from 5 to 7pm