Event — Copeland Book Market

The Copeland Book Market is an art book market with over 40 participating publishers taking place from July 19th to 22nd 2012 at Bold Tendencies‎ in London…

“The Copeland Book Market was founded by Guy Robertson and Tom Saunderson in 2011 and takes its name from the yard in which their gallery, Son Gallery, is located in Peckham. This year they are joined by an advisory panel of artists, photographers and publishers including Lewis Chaplin (fourteen-nineteen), Oliver Griffin (Umbrella Group), Kat Black and Adam Murray (Preston is my Paris).”

JULY 19th 2012
21:00 Art Licks Issue 8 Launch Event
A live Audio-Visual collaboration between Superlative TV, Will Ward and Punchcutter (TheGravy).

18:00 – 21:00 Chopped Liver Press by Broomberg and Chanarin
A screenprinting press producing hand-made ‘Chopped Liver’ posters and a screening of the film ‘Black Market’.

JULY 20th 2012

16:00 – 21:00 JocJonJosch ‘White Elephant‘
The collective turn the auditorium into a make-shift darkroom in order to view a 3 metre x 3.5 metre unfixed photographic print.

19:00 Jimmy Merris performance: pretty jokes assemblage no.2
Jimmy Merris makes some live art.

22:00 – LateTop Nice’
The Copeland Book Market after party in the Copeland Industrial Park.
JULY 21st 2012
12:00 – 18:00 Post Works and Studio Tobias Klein present ‘The Exquisite House’
An interpretation of the seminal surrealist game ‘The Exquisite Corpse’ in order to design a dwelling within the virtual space of a computer ‘CAD’ program.

14:30 Gustavo Grandal-Montero (Chelsea College of Art & Design Library) chairs a panel discussion
Artists, publishers, gallerists and art librarians address the production and distribution of artists’ publications in a digital environment.

17:00 Film Screening: Photo Wallahs by David MacDougall (60mins)
Photo Wallahs is a groundbreaking piece of ethnographic film that meditates on the nature of photography as a representational tool.

18:30 Film Screening, ‘Alec Soth: Somewhere to Disappear’ (60mins)
Somewhere to Disappear follows photographer Alec Soth as he goes on his journey to make the book Broken Manual (Steidl, 2008). This is the first public London screening of the film.

22:00 – 02:00 JFK’s After Party
Pool and Music at Canavans (JFK’s), 188 Peckham Rye. Dj’s include Robert Parkinson from Preston is my Paris.

JULY 22nd 2012

11:00 – 13:00 Tom Saunderson presents Good Morning Peckham
An edible breakfast event including a performance by Michael O’Mahony entitled ‘Motivational Speaking’.

13:00 Notting Hill Editions: Blinded By Cherry Blossom: Ozu’s Late Spring
Adam Mars-Jones in conversation with Leo Robson: Do you have to be an expert in the relevant culture to understand a foreign film?

14:30 ‚School 004’
Four writers will present new work that in due course will be published by AOTCS PRESS.

15:30 A reading organised by The White Review

16:30 Sleeperhold 4 – The most expensive restaurant ever built
A lecture delivered by Ward Heirwegh using the latest Sleeperhold Publication as a tool to connect to 14 different facts, artists and stories.

17:00 Ed Begley presents an afternoon of Jazz


Bold Tendencies‎
95A Rye Lane
London SE15 4ST

July 19th to 22nd 2012