Stencil Printing Association of Risography & Exchange

SPARE (Stencil Printing Association of Risography & Exchange) is a modest short-term artist residency program and resource center for Risograph printing, small-scale publishing located in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago…

As a residency program SPARE gives residents a small bedroom plus access to their Risograph GR3750 stencil printer with several color drums and other rudimentary bookmaking tools.

“We are open to artists looking to print or make work different from what is in their portfolio and this will in no way hinder your acceptance if you can lay out your ideas clearly. In fact, we are especially interested to work with artists without print or book experience or others who can challenge those conventions.
We have experience with many aspects of design, printing, binding, distribution, promotion, and sales and are willing to discuss them with you but will only respond directly in these ways at your request. Again, this is a modest program focused on content and bookmaking with less (if any) interest in broad appeal or profits. These details don’t need to be finalized in your application but please consider artist/printer relationship as this is a residency and you can work collaboratively (to any degree you choose) or mostly independently.
We are interested in integrated and unique approaches to all aspects of printing and publishing and strive to actively rethink these conventions directly through each SPARE printing endeavor. If you aren’t familiar with these facets of publishing don’t worry – we’ve started this program in part to work with people who are making great work but aren’t able or haven’t yet presented it in this way.”

If you like to apply submit the following for your consideration:

  • A pdf portfolio or link to website.
  • A statement that describes your general work and conceptual pursuits.
  • A discription of your intents and the project you will be working on while residency and  a date when you can come.

SPARE reviews applications four times a year on the 15th of March, June, September, and December and try to make selections shortly after those dates.

“We hope to make this opportunity available to a wide range of artists so please don’t hesitate to contact us with any thoughts, questions, or concerns you have. We’re also open to discussing your work or proposal before making a decision regarding your residency.”