Exhibition — Porno Kommunistisk Universitet

On Septem­ber 15th 2012 Lub­ok opens the exhib­i­tion Porno Kom­mun­istisk Uni­versitet with works by Jes­per Fab­ri­cius at Lubok’s tem­por­ary pro­ject space at Spin­nerei in Leipzig…

The exhib­i­tion will be accom­pan­ied by an artist book pub­lished by Lub­ok Ver­lag.

»The lib­er­a­tion of pic­ture por­no­graphy in Den­mark 1969 was a part of the sexu­al revolu­tion in North Amer­ica and Europe. The inven­tion of the pill moved events in this dir­ec­tion togeth­er with the rise of hip­pie cul­ture. It became a revolt against bour­geois hypo­crisy and sexu­al sup­pres­sion. Part of the hip­pie move­ment went polit­ical in the sev­en­ties, like RAF in West Ger­many and Brig­ate Rosso in Italy. They also had their her­oes. I think these move­ments are all rooted in older uto­pian ideas from the begin­ning of the cen­tury like the Esper­anto move­ment, the  veget­ari­ans, the Ger­man Freikörp­er cul­ture (nud­ists) etc. Communism/​Marxism was such an uto­pian move­ment. The hole mod­ern or mod­ern­ist world is built on these ideas. Our minds are Mod­ern­ism and that lan­guage is the house we live in.”
 — Jes­per Fab­ri­cius

Lub­ock @ Leipzi­ger Baum­woll­spin­nerei
Spin­nere­is­traße 7
04179 Leipzig (Ger­many)

Septem­ber 15th to Octo­ber 13th, 2012
Open­ing:  Septem­ber 15th at 11 am