Event — Various Fires in Publishing

Prin­t­Room invites you to Vari­ous Fires in Pub­lish­ing from Septem­ber 15th to 16th 2012 at  Witte de With Cen­ter for Con­tem­por­ary Art in Rot­ter­dam…

‘Risotat­ing Leafs’ is a risograph/​stencil work­shop with invited artists and design­ers. They will col­lab­or­at­ively pro­duce one pub­lic­a­tion using strategies inspired from Sur­real­ists, such as ‘cada­vre excquis’ (in Eng­lish also called the ‘exquis­ite corpse’), appro­pri­ation and col­lage.”
 — Prin­t­Room

Septem­ber 15th from 12 to 4pm
Work­shop by Lem­on­Mel­on and Prin­t­Room
Present­a­tions and round table dis­cus­sion 47pm With: AND Pub­lish­ing, Lem­on­Mel­on and Fuck­ing Good Art, mod­er­at­ors: Del­phine Bed­el and Ren­ee Turn­er.

The work­shop is fol­lowed by a series of dynam­ic present­a­tions and a round table dis­cus­sion with par­ti­cipants and ini­ti­at­ors act­ively engaged in the self-pub­lish­ing scene. Elab­or­at­ing on col­lab­or­at­ive prac­tices in pub­lish­ing, they will high­light the vari­ous pos­i­tions artists and design­ers take in this blaz­ing field of inde­pend­ent (art)publishing. Present: Eva Wein­mayr and Lynn Har­ris (AND pub­lish­ing, U.K.), Rob Hamelijnck (Fuck­ing Good Art, Rot­ter­dam),  Mar­it Mün­zberg (Lem­on­Mel­on, U.K.), Del­phine Bed­el (Artist, cur­at­or, dir­ect­or Ams­ter­dam Art Book Fair and Mono Space Press), Ren­ee Turn­er (mem­ber De Geuzen and dir­ect­or of the Piet Zwart Insti­tute) and Karin de Jong (artist, dir­ect­or of Prin­t­Room).

Septem­ber 16th from 1 to 5pm
Work­shop by Prin­t­Room
Dur­ing this work­shop, you have the oppor­tun­ity to work and exper­i­ment with PrintRoom’s riso­graph machine to pro­duce your own pro­ject with the guid­ance of Max Senden, graph­ic design­er and instruct­or at Prin­t­Room.
Every­one can sign up for the work­shop by send­ing an e-mail.


Witte de With Cen­ter for Con­tem­por­ary Art
Witte de With­straat 50
3012 BR Rot­ter­dam

Septem­ber 15th to 16th 2012