Launches — Punk: periodical collection, On self-publishing practices

Paul Gangloff’s book Punk: peri­od­ic­al col­lec­tion, On self-pub­lish­ing prac­tices launches on Septem­ber 28th 2012 at San Ser­riffe in Ams­ter­dam and on Octo­ber 2nd at B32 in Maastricht…

A book by Paul Gan­gloff in col­lab­or­a­tion with Dav­id Ben­newith, Chris­tophe Boutin, Didi­er Christen, Hans-Chris­ti­an Dany, Stephan Dille­muth, Mar­tijn Haas, Domi­n­ique Hurth, Alexi Kukuljevic, Ina Kwon, Axel Loytved, Emilio Mac­chia, Vasil­is Marmata­kis, Pierre Mar­tin, Maria­gio­vanna Nuzzi, Roberto Ohrt, Bavo Olbrechts, Alan Smart, Gee Vauch­er.
“The first half of fan­zine stands for fan as in fan­at­ic. The fan makes a fan­zine about his or her idol. The word punkz­ine came as a sub­sti­tute at a point when punk rejec­ted fan­at­icism, which has to do with ador­a­tion.
Zines are not designed; rather, they are made. Mak­ing a zine could be a way to become a design­er, but it may also be a way out of the pos­i­tion of design­er. On the one hand, it is a ques­tion of self-empower­ment: rather mak­ing a zine than inscrib­ing one­self into exist­ing magazines. On the oth­er hand, it is about over­step­ping the bound­ar­ies of a pro­fes­sion, in order to play sev­er­al roles as a dilet­tante.
Punkz­ines are not solely inter­est­ing as the visu­al style of a bygone epoch, as a ‘source of inspir­a­tion’ or for dir­ect recu­per­a­tion. Rather, things may be learned from a study of the spir­it in which they were made.”
 — Paul Gan­gloff

San Ser­riffe
Sint Annen­straat 30
1012 HE, Ams­ter­dam

Septem­ber 28th 2012, 6pm

Bour­gognes­traat 32

Octo­ber 2nd 2012 at 6pm