List of the Commons

The Seoul based mediabus opens the List of the Commons a huge collection of various types of books, hand-outs and fanzines created by mediabus while they have been active so far…

“Mediabus is a publisher but other than organizing and publishing books they also organize projects about publishing culture and independent / small- sized publishers at the same time. Throughout this kind of process Printed Matter is a continuous series of (im)materialistic work of mediabus. Therefore List of the Commons might be on surface just a list of books, but it is a result of work by mediabus since 2007, and a report of various publishers, and activities of planners. This List made by mediabus has been collected according to the taste of mediabus so far, but they can differ and be perceived differently by others. That is why List of the Commons was constructed independently, and to share those ‘to be read.’ We would like to have List of the Commons to portray particular time and location and at the same time to be reconstructed into something else actively.“
— mediabus

If you would like to join List of the Commons, please send the cover photo and basic information of the book to their email. The book can be sent to address on their website.