List of the Commons

The Seoul based medi­abus opens the List of the Com­mons a huge col­lec­tion of vari­ous types of books, hand-outs and fan­zines cre­ated by medi­abus while they have been act­ive so far…

Medi­abus is a pub­lish­er but oth­er than organ­iz­ing and pub­lish­ing books they also organ­ize pro­jects about pub­lish­ing cul­ture and inde­pend­ent / small- sized pub­lish­ers at the same time. Through­out this kind of pro­cess Prin­ted Mat­ter is a con­tinu­ous series of (im)materialistic work of medi­abus. There­fore List of the Com­mons might be on sur­face just a list of books, but it is a res­ult of work by medi­abus since 2007, and a report of vari­ous pub­lish­ers, and activ­it­ies of plan­ners. This List made by medi­abus has been col­lec­ted accord­ing to the taste of medi­abus so far, but they can dif­fer and be per­ceived dif­fer­ently by oth­ers. That is why List of the Com­mons was con­struc­ted inde­pend­ently, and to share those ‘to be read.’ We would like to have List of the Com­mons to por­tray par­tic­u­lar time and loc­a­tion and at the same time to be recon­struc­ted into some­thing else act­ively.“
 — medi­abus

If you would like to join List of the Com­mons, please send the cov­er photo and basic inform­a­tion of the book to their email. The book can be sent to address on their web­site.