Exhibition — Ooga Booga@ICA Philadelphia

The ICA Phil­adelphia invited Ooga Booga for Excursus III open­ing tonight Septem­ber 26th 2012

Open­ing fest­iv­it­ies include a Sumi Ink Club meet­ing from 3:30 till 7:30pm, fol­lowed with a music­al per­form­ance by Freakapuss, fea­tur­ing Zar­jaz of the Tron­ics with musician/​OB t‑shirt artist Steve Dore!

Wendy Yao’s Ooga Booga is a nex­us for inde­pend­ent art, design, fash­ion, and music loc­ated in the heart of Chin­atown in Los Angeles. More than a book­store, Ooga Booga is a pub­lish­ing imprint, record label, meet­ing place, and exhib­i­tion ven­ue. For Excursus III, Yao brings her col­lab­or­at­ors to ICA for a series of work­shops, events, and pop-up exhib­i­tions.

Excursus is a mul­ti­fa­ceted ini­ti­at­ive at the ICA in which artists, design­ers, pub­lish­ers, and oth­er cul­tur­al pro­du­cers whose work engages the archive and pub­lic­a­tions are invited to cre­ate a plat­form for more intim­ate pro­gram­ming, along­side an online res­id­ency at excursus​.ica​ph​ila​.org. Build­ing on the idea of an excursus (an expos­i­tion or digres­sion from a primary text) each invited artist-in-res­id­ence will activ­ate and re-ima­gine both the phys­ic­al and dis­curs­ive space of the ICA, cre­at­ing a hub for reflec­tion on issues related to the exhib­i­tions on view in the gal­ler­ies.”
 — ICA


ICA Phil­adelphia
118 South 36th Street

Septem­ber 26th to Decem­ber 16th, 2012

Open­ing event sched­ule Wed­nes­day Septem­ber 26th 2011
3:30pm Sumi Ink Club meet­ing
6:30pm Open­ing Recep­tion starts
7:30pm Freakapuss per­forms
9:00pm party over!