Lecture — Making Books

The Insti­tute of Con­tem­por­ary Art at the Uni­ver­sity of Pennsylvania invites you to Mak­ing Books a lec­ture with Jen Bervin and Trinie Dalton, on Octo­ber 14th 2012, in Phil­adelphia…

Writers Trinie Dalton and Jen Bervin will read selec­tions from their latest work and lead a con­ver­sa­tion about the pro­cess of mak­ing books from concept to pub­lic­a­tion. They will bring a selec­tion of their books and invite you to bring your own examples along with ques­tions.

Jen Bervin’s work brings togeth­er text and tex­tile in a prac­tice that encom­passes poetry, archiv­al research, artist books, and large-scale art works. Her books include The Gor­geous Noth­ings (2012), The Dickin­son Com­pos­ites (2010), and The Desert (2008) from Granary Books, and The Sil­ver Book (2010), A Non- Break­ing Space (2005), and Nets (2004, fifth print­ing 2010) from Ugly Duck­ling Presse.

Trinie Dalton’s books altern­ate between art pro­jects and fic­tion, and some­times com­bine the two. Trinie’s books include Wide Eyed (Akash­ic), Dear New Girl or Whatever Your Name Is (McSweeney’s: co-edited with Eli Horow­itz and Lisa Wag­n­er), Myth­tym (Pic­ture­box), Sweet Tomb (Madras Press) and Baby Geisha (Two Dol­lar Radio). She teaches fic­tion and crit­ic­al writ­ing at USC, SVA and Ver­mont Col­lege of Fine Arts. She has taught about book/​arts, con­tem­por­ary prin­ted mat­ter, and pub­lic­a­tion at NYU and Pratt.”
 — ICA

Insti­tute of Con­tem­por­ary Art
Uni­ver­sity of Pennsylvania
118 S. 36th Street
Phil­adelphia, PA 19104

Octo­ber 14th, 2012 at 2pm