Event — »Der Baum« book launch

Erik van der Weijde’s 4478zine comes up with a new web­site and a new book. »Der Baum« will be launched at the open­ing of van der Weijdes solo exhib­i­tion in Chert Gal­lery in Ber­lin on Octo­ber 2nd, 2010

Der Baum shows 44 pho­to­graphs of trees, taken by Van der Weijde over the past few years.

»The list of places where the pho­to­graphs were taken includes dif­fer­ent loc­a­tions in Europe and Brazil. Their descrip­tions range from spe­cified his­tor­ic­al sites, such as the ele­ment­ary school Adolf Hitler atten­ded, or the street where kid­nap vic­tim Nata­sha Kam­pusch was held, to uniden­ti­fied places as for example ‘school’, ‘road’ or ‘park’.«

If you can­’t join the event you got the chance to pre-order the book here (place your order in the next few days and you’ll get a free ship­ping)

Chert Gal­lery
Skal­itzer­strasse 68
entrance second court­yard
10997 Ber­lin

Octo­ber 2nd to Novem­ber 6th, 2010
Open­ing Octo­ber 2nd, 2010

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