Risography — We make it

Last fri­day Glor­ia Glitzer and Artzines​.de opened we make it a space for con­tem­por­ary Riso­graphy and bey­ond in Ber­lin…

We make it is a space for print­ing, pub­lish­ing and exhib­it­ing where we provide our know­ledge and exper­i­ence to help artists like you to get their artzines, artists’ books and oth­er prin­ted mat­ter pub­lished.“
 — We make it

At we make it you’ll find a Riso­graph FR3950 EP (Print­ing size is up to A3) driv­en by a Post­Script Level3 RIP with twelve col­or drums: black, medi­um blue, blue, yel­low, crim­son, bright red, grey, green, teal, brown, pink, purple and bur­gundy. Soon we will have orange too.

We also own a A3+ fold­ing machine (includ­ing cross and par­al­lel folds), a staple machine (loop staples pos­sible), a A2 stack cut­ter

Bey­ond that we have a good net­work of print­ers (screen print, off­set, mimeo­graphy), book­bind­ers and design­ers.


So we are ready for your ideas.
Just write us an Email with your pro­ject.

We make it is a pro­ject by Artzines​.de and Glor­ia Glitzer.

we make it
Mal­plaquet­straße 17
13347 Ber­lin