Event — Salon Light #9

For the 9th edi­tion of Salon Light, Cneai, hos­ted by Pal­ais de Tokyo, will show­case meet­ings and dia­logue with 53 inde­pend­ent pub­lish­ers and book­stores, and three research and per­form­ance sem­inars on pub­lish­ing prac­tices. The event is open­ing on Octo­ber 19th 2012
The play­ers in the field of microp­ub­lish­ing are exper­i­ment­ing in all dir­ec­tions and play­ing with the usu­al bound­ar­ies between the art prac­tices as well as the the­or­et­ic­al cat­egor­ies. Linked dir­ectly to the most innova- tive cre­ation and broad­cast­ing tech­niques, pub­lish­ing prac­tices open the field of art and its bor­ders: humani- ties, graph­ic design, sound, poetry… A new gen­er­a­tion of cur­at­ors took the inde­pend­ent pub­lish­er as a role mod­el in its capa­city to dynam­ic­ally adapt to the changes of the con­tem­por­ary world, where the many parts
of pub­lish­ing (author, pub­lish­er, graph­ic design­er, col­lect­or, pho­to­graph­er, cur­at­or, book­shop, read­er) are altern­at­ively played by the same play­ers. A new «silk road» trav­elled by a grow­ing num­ber of act­ors thriv­ing to break free from fin­an­cial art and wish­ing to rein­vent a com­plex and know­ledgable art that would be nat­ur­ally dif­fer­ent from the lux­ury item. For Salon Light #9, Cneai trans­forms the usu­al book fair into a true exhib­i­tion space for the pub­lish­ing prac­tices.
Par­ti­cipants: ANDpub­lish­ing (UK) · Archive Books (DE) · Art Paper Edi­tions (BE) · B‑B-B-Books (SE) · B42 (FR) · Bed­ford Press (UK) · Boabooks (CH) · Bom dia boa tarde boa noite (DE) · Book Works (UK) · cneai = · Centre d’édition con­tem­po­raine (CH) · Dent-De-Leone (UK) · E IL TOPO (IT) · Edi­tion Patrick Frey (CH) · Edi­tion Taube (DE) · Édi­tions B2 (FR) · Édi­tions Cent Pages (FR) · Édi­tions Incer­tain Sens (FR) · Édi­tions P (FR) · Grotto (BE) · HEAD (CH) · Inter­na­tion­al Typo­graph­ic­al Uni­on / Place­ment (US/HR) · it: édi­tions (FR) · KAL­EIDO­SCOPE (IT) · Kodoji Press (CH) · Kun­stver­ein (NL) · Les Disques en Rot­in Réunis (FR) · Lub­ok Ver­lag (DE) · M/M Par­is (FR) · Michal­is Pichler/​ «greatest hits» (DE) · MORE­pub­lish­ers (BE) · Mousse Pub­lish­ing (IT) · Nazi Knife (FR) · Occa­sion­al Papers (UK) · Optic­al Sound (FR) · Primary Inform­a­tion (USA) · RVB BOOKS (FR) · Shel­ter Press (FR/BE) · Spect­or Books (DE) · West­phalie Ver­lag (AT) · Zavod P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. (SI)
Cur­ated by: Sylvie Boulanger et Char­lotte Cheetham
Pal­ais de Tokyo
13 Aven­ue du Présid­ent Wilson
75116 Par­is
Octo­ber 19th to 21st 2012