Exhibition — Gazette Show

You are invited to the exhib­i­tion of Gaz­ette Show, open­ing on Octo­ber 26th 2012 at Mzin in Leipzig…

While the daily press is selling less cop­ies each day, the medi­um of news­pa­pers and their spe­cif­ic meth­od of print­ing is com­ing back in a cur­rent renais­sance of all forms of self-pub­lished artist­ic pub­lic­a­tions. From illus­tra­tion to pho­to­graphy it is in use again, often in a very small run! The idea of ‘Gaz­ette’ is to bring some of the most inter­est­ing examples togeth­er in an exhib­i­tion in late Octo­ber 2012 includ­ing lec­tures and artist present­a­tions.”
 — mzin & Læti­tia Gorsy

Par­ti­cipants: Bunk edi­tions, 5.6, Bene­dikt Rugar, Will Adler, Steph­en Wooldrige, Clap Clap Club, Clotilde Vian­nay, Katya Stuke, Laaarge, Emili­ano Granado, Spect­or Cut+Paste, Album, Freiraum, Stu­dio New­work, strike/​occupy, Bap­tiste Per­rin, Doeller+Satter, Drops, Lib­ros Mutantes, Thomas Mailaender, Clara Dutil­leul, Peter Bricks, Ober­welt, Manuel Buer­ger, Thomas Boiv­in, Petra Valdimarsdot­tir, Stephanie Pas­sul, Raum fur Kunst, Artists Unlim­ited, Lars Rosen­bo­hm, Tobi­as Beck­er, Rox­ana Ras­chidi, Ward Zwart, Stu­dio Buro, Pri­oux & Peix­oto, Cas­sie Hyland, Dav­id O’Mara, Steph­en Wooldridge, Gio­vanna Silva, Paula Rousch, Akiko Wakabayashi and Dor­is Boer­man

In occas­sion of Gaz­ette Show Michal­is Pichler and Bap­tiste Per­rin will hold a lec­ture on Novem­ber 3rd, 2012 at 7pm.

The pro­ject is cur­ated by mzin & Læti­tia Gorsy

Paul Gru­ner Straße 64
04107 Leipzig

Octo­ber 26th to Novem­ber 10th 2012
Open­ing: Octo­ber 26th at 7pm