Launch — Untaken Photographs

Tonight Octo­ber 24th 2012 Paul Paper presents his latest artzine Untaken Pho­to­graphs, pub­lished by Book­let Press, at Con­tem­por­ary Art Centre’s Read­ing Room in Vil­ni­us, Lithuania…

For more than a year, instead of tak­ing cer­tain pho­to­graphs Paul Paper wrote them down. ‘Untaken Pho­to­graphs’ is a book about see­ing, pho­to­graphy and, ulti­mately, the (lim­its of) image. It is an artist­ic dia­logue with the writ­ings of Jacques Ran­cière, Roland Barthes and, espe­cially, Vilém Flusser.”
 — Book­let Press


Con­tem­por­ary Art Centre
Vokieciu 2
LT- 01130 Vil­ni­us

Octo­ber 24th 2012 at 6pm