Event — Salford Zine Library on Tour


The Salford Zine Lib­rary goes on tour in the UK. SZL may well be com­ing to a town near you in the next month…

The Salford Zine Lib­rary col­lects zines and self pub­lished works from all over the world to col­lect and show them to the people. The Lib­rary has it’s home in the Isling­ton Mill in Salford. The next month they take their lib­rary on a trip through the UK from Glas­gow (Glas­gow CCA Book Fair) to Manchester (Pic­ca­dilly Self Pub­lish­ing Fair) to Pen­arth (FFoto Gal­lery Bian­nu­al Book Arts Fair) to Rom­ford (Salford Zine Lib­rary Exhib­i­tion).

About SZL  »Salford Zine Lib­rary was formed in Janu­ary 2010 and aims to show­case and share cre­at­ive work in the self-pub­lished form. The archive sources work through con­tact­ing prac­ti­tion­ers, poster cam­paigns and word of mouth. There is no cur­at­or­ship and we don’t wish to be arbit­ers of taste. The lib­rary is com­pletely inclus­ive and your con­tri­bu­tion is import­ant. You can view the archive by vis­it­ing its home at Isling­ton Mill, Salford. Salford Zine Lib­rary is non Profit and unable to pur­chase any work. The Archive works on a dona­tion only basis and is run by self-pub­lish­ing artists Craig John Barr and Mat­thew Walkerdine who both give their time in kind.«

Salford Zine Lib­rary
Septem­ber 9th, 2010 — Glas­gow (Glas­gow CCA Book Fair)
Octo­ber 3rd, 2010 — Manchester (Pic­ca­dilly Self Pub­lish­ing Fair)
Octo­ber 9th, 2010 — Pen­arth (FFoto Gal­lery Bian­nu­al Book Arts Fair)
Novem­ber 2nd, 2010 — Rom­ford (Salford Zine Lib­rary Exhib­i­tion, FBS Art)

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