Fair — LA Art Book Fair

Prin­ted Mat­ter presents the first annu­al LA Art Book Fair, Feb­ru­ary 1st to 3rd 2013, at The Gef­fen Con­tem­por­ary at MOCA in down­town Los Angeles. The open­ing will be held on the even­ing of Thursday, Janu­ary 31st, 2013

Free and open to the pub­lic, the LA Art Book Fair is a unique event for artists’ books, art cata­logs, mono­graphs, peri­od­ic­als, and zines presen­ted by more than 180 inter­na­tion­al presses, book­sellers, anti­quar­i­ans, artists, and inde­pend­ent pub­lish­ers from eight­een coun­tries.

Fea­tured pro­jects include an Homage to Mike Kel­ley presen­ted by Gago­sian, a Larry Clark Pop-Up Shop by BOO-HOO­RAY, and a stun­ning new install­a­tion by John Armleder with Three Star Books. Fulton Ryder will present pub­lic­a­tions by John Dogg and Howard John­son; unique books and Untitled Ori­gin­als by Richard Prince, and naughty pulp paper­backs.

Zine World is a super-sized sub­sec­tion of the LA Art Book Fair, fea­tur­ing zin­esters from home and abroad, togeth­er with three zine exhib­i­tions. GSD: Skate Fate till Today begins from Gary Scott Dav­is’ early, ground-break­ing zine pub­lish­ing of the 80s. Zine Mas­ters of the Uni­verse fea­tures zines by Mark Gonzales, Ari Mar­co­poulos, Ray Pet­tibon, and Dash Snow. Bed­wet­ter and Bey­ond is a sur­vey of the artist books and zines of Los Angeles-based artist Chris­toph­er Rus­sell.

The LA Art Book Fair is the com­pan­ion fair to the NY Art Book Fair, held every fall in New York. Over 20,000 artists, book buy­ers, col­lect­ors, deal­ers, cur­at­ors, inde­pend­ent pub­lish­ers, and oth­er enthu­si­asts atten­ded the NY Art Book Fair in 2012.”
 — Prin­ted Mat­ter


The Gef­fen Con­tem­por­ary at MOCA
152 North Cent­ral Aven­ue
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Pre­view: Thursday, Janu­ary 31st, 6 – 9pm
Fri­day, Feb­ru­ary 1st, 11am – 5pm
Sat­urday, Feb­ru­ary 2nd, 11am – 6pm
Sunday, Feb­ru­ary 3rd, 12am – 6pm