The Members Library at Grazer Kunstverein

The Grazer Kun­stver­ein is going to install The Mem­bers Lib­rary open­ing on March 9th, 2013

The con­cep­tu­al focus of the Grazer Kun­stver­ein lies on the pro­duc­tion and dis­play of lan­guage, in which notions around com­mu­nic­a­tion, com­mit­ment and exchange are presen­ted both artist­ic­ally as well as dis­curs­ively. The pro­gram will dis­play (under­rep­res­en­ted) his­tor­ic­al avant-garde fig­ures vis-à-vis cur­rent art tend­en­cies to stress its rel­ev­ance and neces­sity with­in con­tem­por­ary think­ing.

To under­score this aspect of com­mit­ment and exchange, the Kun­stver­ein will expand its premises with a new ven­ue, titled The Mem­bers Lib­rary, which con­cen­trates on the dis­play and pro­duc­tion of pub­lic­a­tions. The ven­ue con­sists of two ele­ments: a lib­rary (includ­ing a book­store) and an exhib­i­tion space (ded­ic­ated to pub­lic­a­tions). The library’s struc­ture will be ›fur­nished‹ with books recom­men­ded by each mem­ber. These books (either bought or donated) have played a sig­ni­fic­ant role in the member’s lives (by ways of think­ing) and will form the back­bone for our monthly dis­curs­ive pro­gram.

For the exhib­i­tion space with­in The Mem­bers Lib­rary, ›the book‹ is viewed as a ven­ue in itself, enabling to trans­mit the ideas and ambi­ence of art present­a­tion over spa­tial and tem­por­al dis­tance. Unique (and often for­got­ten his­tor­ic­al) pub­lic­a­tions will be exhib­ited as well as pub­lic­a­tions that are to be seen sculp­tures or per­form­ances.”
 — Grazer Kun­stver­ein

The Mem­bers Lib­rary is presen­ted with­in a per­man­ent work by Céline Con­dorelli.

Beside The Mem­bers Lib­rary  the Grazer Kun­stver­ein shows an exhib­i­tion with works by Ian Wilson, Mierle Lader­man Ukeles, Ravio Puusemp and per­man­ent and tem­por­ary instal­ments by Nina Bei­er, Will Stu­art, Robert Wil­hite, and Dex­ter Sin­is­ter as part of The Pea­cock.

Grazer Kun­stver­ein
Pal­ais Trauttmans­dorff
Burggasse 4
A‑8010 Graz

Open­ing on March 9th, 2013