Exhibition — Wait, Later This Will Be Nothing | Editions by Dieter Roth

Dieter Roth. children's book (kinderbuch). 1957. Artist's book, letterpress printed Publisher: forlag ed, Reykjavík. Edition: approx. 100. Photograph: Peter Butler.

Dieter Roth. children’s book (kinder­buch). 1957. Artist’s book, let­ter­press prin­ted Pub­lish­er: for­lag ed, Reyk­javík. Edi­tion: approx. 100. Pho­to­graph: Peter But­ler.

On Feb­ru­ary 17th, 2013 the MoMA opens the exhib­i­tion Wait, Later This Will Be Noth­ing show­ing Edi­tions by Dieter Roth at the Michael H. Dunn Gal­lery on the second floor…

 Dieter Roth. ideograme for material 2: dieter rot. 1959, Lithograph, offset printed. Publisher: Daniel Spoerri, Darmstadt. Photograph: Peter Butler.

Dieter Roth. ideograme for mater­i­al 2: dieter rot. 1959, Litho­graph, off­set prin­ted. Pub­lish­er: Daniel Spo­erri, Darm­stadt. Pho­to­graph: Peter But­ler.

Dieter Roth’s (Swiss, b. Ger­many, 1930 – 1998) art encom­passes everything from paint­ing and sculp­ture to film and video, but it is argu­ably through his edi­tioned works — prints, books, and mul­tiples — that he made his most rad­ic­al con­tri­bu­tions. These exper­i­ments include the use of organ­ic mater­i­als such as ‘book saus­ages’ filled with ground paper in place of meat, plastic toys mired in melted chocol­ate, a dazzling array of vari­ations on prin­ted post­cards, and more, some of which explore issues of decay and decom­pos­i­tion.

Wait, Later This Will Be Noth­ing: Edi­tions by Dieter Roth focuses on Roth’s incred­ibly innov­at­ive and pro­lif­ic peri­od from 1960 to 1975. The center­piece of the exhib­i­tion is an expan­ded present­a­tion of Snow (1963 – 69), an artist’s book by Roth in MoMA’s col­lec­tion, fea­tur­ing many more pages of the book than have ever been exhib­ited. A selec­tion of hand­made books, mini­ature volumes, and the newly acquired Lit­er­at­ur­wurst (1961 – 69), con­sidered Roth’s most rad­ic­al exper­i­ment with the book format, will also be on view. Taken togeth­er, this exhib­i­tion offers a rad­ic­al view of medi­ums that are his­tor­ic­ally con­sidered staid and tra­di­tion­al, while giv­ing insight into the work of one of the artist­ic titans of the 20th cen­tury.”
 — MoMA


Michael H. Dunn Gal­lery
11 West 53 Street
New York, NY 10019

Feb­ru­ary 17th to June 24th, 2013