Launch — A day without olives is like a day


Today, Saturday February 16th, 2013 you are invited to the audio book installation during the day with an evening launch of a day without olives is like a day by Jack Piers Scott, published by Corporeal, at X Marks the Bökship in London…


Installation at Good Press Gallery, 2013


“‘a day without olives is like a day’ is the second book of poetry and prose from Jack Piers Scott and an audio version of the same work with the author in collaboration with the composer Lucy Claire Thornton.

Written and compiled over the past few years, the texts range from descriptions of voyeuristic well-dressed gentlemen, to royalty in the throws of an existential crisis. This mixture of fact and fiction, of overheard conversations and character studies, brings together a vast array of truths, imaginings and absurdities, highlighting the shear multiplicity found within life.

The audio version narrated by Bill Milner (Son of Rambo, Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll), the author and Paul McCleary, continues this broad stylistic approach by combining manipulated audio, field recordings and electro acoustic composition, to produce a wild and meditative world of sound in which the spoken word exist.”
— Bökship

X Marks the Bökship
210/ Unit 3 Cambridge Heath Road
London E2 9N

February 16th, 2013 from 12.30 to 9pm