Event — Libros Mutantes 2013


From April 23th to 28th, 2013 Libros Mutantes will hold its fourth edition as the most relevante self-publishing event of the Spain art scene at La Casa Encendida in Madrid…

“The main venue for this art book fair will be La Casa Encendida (Madrid), where a wide range of activities, workshops, lectures, concerts and going-ons will take place to celebrate the rise of independent and experimental publishing. From Friday 26th to Sunday 28th the central courtyard of La Casa Encendida will host the main event of our project: the Art Book Fair with more than 40 international publishing projects.

The Art Book Fair will exhibit a wide range of experimental publications, art and design books, magazines and zines from different countries. The final selection is the result of an Open Call at librosmutantes.com. These projects challenge the general assumptions about publishing through an experimental approach to printed paper. Despite their visual appeal, most of these publications have limited print runs and distribution, so Libros Mutantes will offer a unique opportunity to flick through them and meet their creators in person.

The curatorial team has also selected a group of international guests who have a special presence at Libros Mutantes: Max Schumann from Printed Matter Inc. (New York), Études Books (France), Junk Jet (Germany), Erik van der Wejde (Netherlands), Rollo Press (Switzerland) or The Rodina (Czech Republic). All of them will show their publications at the Book Fair, and they will share their experiences at Perspectivas Mutantes, a series of lectures on independent publishing that will take place during the weekend, and which will include a special lecture by the designer Albert Folch.”
— Libros Mutantes


Participants: 4478ZINE (NL), Amor Verdadero, Bad Weather Press, Barbara says…, Barriobajero, Belleza Infinita, Bird Magazine (DE), Bulbasaur, BlankPaper, Cake Publishing (DE), Catalogue Library (UK), Dalpine, Desayuno Fanzine, Ediciones Puré, Elena Gallén, Études Books (FR), Feréstec, The Flames by Folch Studio, Girlzine, Gloria Glitzer (DE), La Integral, JHH fanzine, Junk Jet (DE), Komfort Mag (CZ), Lindero Libros, Mooooon Publishing, Mr Spoqui (PT), Múltiplos, No.One Magazin (DE), Noviki (PL), NULL, Perdiz Magazine, PHREE, Ponytale, Publications for Pleasure, La Piscina Editorial, Roberto Carbajal, The Rodina (CZ), Rollo Press (CH), RV.PAPERS, Sandwich Mixto / Mixto Books, TD Papeles, Watdafac Artifacts, Zweizehn (DE)

La Casa Encendida

Ronda Valencia, 2
28012 Madrid

April 23th to 28th, 2013