Event — Volk #3


I was invited to participate in the third workshop by Volk, named “Slogo”. This workshop is dedicated to “Art, Advertising and the intentions of art beyond artists” (Alexander Jackson Wyatt). The results of this event will be shown on August 16th, 2013 at We make it in Berlin…

Participants: Clap Clap Club · Florent Dégé · Lætitia Gorsy · Moritz Grünke
Alexander Jackson Wyatt · Paula-Marie Kanefendt · David Voss

“As we are graphic designer, as actor of our visual landscape, this laboratory invites us to give our thoughts together on the facet of the ‘popular’ and anonymous imagery: the marketing product, the product placement from the 60’s till now.

Marketing products are usually composed by a product design (ache / clock / clothes / glasses / pen / etc.) + logo and sometimes slogan.
We find them in bars, restaurants, public places, sometimes they are distributing in street as gimmicks / gadgets. Normally these products are not to sell, they are free or only exhibit (in bars / in public places). But, now we also find this kind of products in antikmarket, second hand shops, because they are certainly linked to a kind of fashion and kitsch mythology and have exceeded the only status of advertising products by being now decorative objects in the daily life.

So, are marketing products parasites, friends, false-friends? In which proportion do we have conscience that graphic design rocks our daily visual landscape? Is marketing design anonymous and parasitic art? To what extent the signboard bathes us in the city? Are we aware of our contemporary imagery?”

We make it
Malplaquetstraße 17
13347 Berlin

August 16th, 2013 at 8pm