Fair — Medium Cool


Today, August 11th, 2013 the Medi­um Cool Art Book Fair takes place at Prair­ie Pro­duc­tion in Chica­go…

Medi­um Cool is an art book fair in Chica­go that aims to engender new con­ver­sa­tions and rela­tion­ships, both with­in the city and abroad. A book fair is a means of dis­per­sion and a social event. At an art open­ing, you can gaze briefly at a work that often costs more than your net worth; at book fair you can buy a book — often from the per­son who made it — take it home, and read it. You can also place it on your cof­fee table or lend it to a friend. Books are an inter­act­ive tech­no­logy and book fairs are a social net­work. At the present moment there are very few places in Chica­go to buy art books and prin­ted mat­ter, though a tre­mend­ous and enthu­si­ast­ic audi­ence exists. While the city is in need of a per­man­ent space for this, Medi­um Cool has mer­it in being a one day only event, bring­ing togeth­er a mul­ti­tude of artists, design­ers, writers, pub­lish­ers, col­lect­ors, enthu­si­asts, and dilet­tantes, loc­al and vis­it­ing.“ — MC

Par­ti­cipants: 5×7, Alana Celii, Alex Fuller, Ami­gos Pub­lish­ing, Andrew Nor­man Wilson, Beauty Today, Ben­jamin Niznik, Bookie­man, Bryce Wil­ner, Bunny Rogers, Car­son Fisk-Vit­tori, Chris Collins, Club Club, Con­rad Bak­ker, Dana Bas­sett & Jared Dyer, Daniel Mel­lis, Darja Baja­gic, Doc­u­ment, Domin­ica Pub­lish­ing, Edi­tion MK, Eliza­beth Bick, FAM­ILY­FAM­ILYTREE, Fil­lip, Gra­ham Found­a­tion, Heidi Hahn, Helen Koh, Hou­man Momtazi­an, Issue Press, James Gog­gin, Jef­frey Alan Scud­der, Jenny­fer Had­dad, JAB, Justin Schmitz, The Kings­boro Press, LAMPO, Laurel Schwulst, LVL3, Mary Voorhees Mee­han, Mar­zena Abra­hamik, Michael Hunter, Michael Savona, Mol­lie Edgar, Nat­alie Smith, Nate Baltikas, New Doc­u­ments, New Hands, Nick DeMarco, Olivia Erlanger, Ooga Booga, Peradam, Pool, Radi­us, The Renais­sance Soci­ety, Scott Rein­hard, Sean Yendrys, Seth Hoek­stra, Shang­hai Inn, Shifter, Shira Inbar, Sober­scove Press, Sofia Leiby, Sonnen­zi­m­mer, Spaces Corners, SPARE, Sum­mer For­um, Swill Chil­dren, Tem­por­ary Ser­vices / Half Let­ter Press, Ten­speed Hero, Tim Ivis­on & Julia Tchar­fas, Tom Bur­ton­wood, Uni-press, Uni­ver­sity Gal­ler­ies of Illinois State Uni­ver­sity, West­ern Exhib­i­tions, Work­ing Know­ledge, Yale Graph­ic Design ’13, More to come 🙂

Medi­um Cool Art Book Fair
Prair­ie Pro­duc­tion
1314 W Ran­dolph St
Chica­go, IL

Sunday, August 11th, 2013 from 12 to 8pm