Fair — Medium Cool


Today, August 11th, 2013 the Medium Cool Art Book Fair takes place at Prairie Production in Chicago…

“Medium Cool is an art book fair in Chicago that aims to engender new conversations and relationships, both within the city and abroad. A book fair is a means of dispersion and a social event. At an art opening, you can gaze briefly at a work that often costs more than your net worth; at book fair you can buy a book—often from the person who made it—take it home, and read it. You can also place it on your coffee table or lend it to a friend. Books are an interactive technology and book fairs are a social network. At the present moment there are very few places in Chicago to buy art books and printed matter, though a tremendous and enthusiastic audience exists. While the city is in need of a permanent space for this, Medium Cool has merit in being a one day only event, bringing together a multitude of artists, designers, writers, publishers, collectors, enthusiasts, and dilettantes, local and visiting.“ — MC

Participants: 5×7, Alana Celii, Alex Fuller, Amigos Publishing, Andrew Norman Wilson, Beauty Today, Benjamin Niznik, Bookieman, Bryce Wilner, Bunny Rogers, Carson Fisk-Vittori, Chris Collins, Club Club, Conrad Bakker, Dana Bassett & Jared Dyer, Daniel Mellis, Darja Bajagic, Document, Dominica Publishing, Edition MK, Elizabeth Bick, FAMILYFAMILYTREE, Fillip, Graham Foundation, Heidi Hahn, Helen Koh, Houman Momtazian, Issue Press, James Goggin, Jeffrey Alan Scudder, Jennyfer Haddad, JAB, Justin Schmitz, The Kingsboro Press, LAMPO, Laurel Schwulst, LVL3, Mary Voorhees Meehan, Marzena Abrahamik, Michael Hunter, Michael Savona, Mollie Edgar, Natalie Smith, Nate Baltikas, New Documents, New Hands, Nick DeMarco, Olivia Erlanger, Ooga Booga, Peradam, Pool, Radius, The Renaissance Society, Scott Reinhard, Sean Yendrys, Seth Hoekstra, Shanghai Inn, Shifter, Shira Inbar, Soberscove Press, Sofia Leiby, Sonnenzimmer, Spaces Corners, SPARE, Summer Forum, Swill Children, Temporary Services / Half Letter Press, Tenspeed Hero, Tim Ivison & Julia Tcharfas, Tom Burtonwood, Uni-press, University Galleries of Illinois State University, Western Exhibitions, Working Knowledge, Yale Graphic Design ’13, More to come 🙂

Medium Cool Art Book Fair
Prairie Production
1314 W Randolph St
Chicago, IL

Sunday, August 11th, 2013 from 12 to 8pm