Exhibition — Punk cabinet de curiosités | MADE IN Raymond Pettibon: 1978 – 1986


From Septem­ber 13th to Novem­ber 16th, 2013 mfc-michèle didi­er gal­lery in Par­is (France) takes the appear­ance of a concept store, or more pre­cisely and at the same time more mys­ter­i­ously, a punk cab­in­et of curi­os­it­ies…

Between the years 1978 and 1986 Ray­mond Pet­tibon pro­duced a trove of graph­ic works for the South­ern Cali­for­nia punk band Black Flag, as well as for Red Cross, The Minute­men, Nig Heist, and many oth­ers. Pub­lished pre­dom­in­ately by SST Records, which was foun­ded by Pettibon’s broth­er Greg, the exhib­i­tion fea­tures over two hun­dred gig fly­ers, artists’ books, album cov­ers, posters, T-shirts, stick­ers, skate­board decks, and the first prints by Pet­tibon.

This exhib­i­tion shows a great pre­view of the artist­ic youth of Ray­mond Pet­tibon, his punk peri­od. Some of his pro­duc­tions are so tough you have to look away: cas­tra­tion, dis­mem­ber­ment, sui­cide, murder, these are all the themes he turns to. Pet­tibon likes to point out the unbal­anced faces of soci­ety, through one-shot images, which can both be funny and viol­ent and macabre at the same time: a scene where two men are fight­ing with a knife has the fol­low­ing cap­tion: ‘Your girl­friend called me chick­en’ or a skel­et­on on a stage, say­ing to the audi­ence ‘Life is a joke’, with cap­tion: ‘This is the punch line.’

(My draw­ings) are viol­ent,’ Pet­tibon, 24, admits. ‘And that’s dic­tated by the medi­um, in that I just use one frame. It’s like tak­ing one frame out of a movie or one cru­cial scene out of a book at a crit­ic­al point. You can’t really be subtle.’ Begin­ning with Ray­mond Pettibon’s first artists’ book ‘Cap­tive Chains,’ pub­lished in 1978, the exhib­i­tion con­tains a myri­ad body of expli­cit, graph­ic, sexu­al and viol­ent mater­i­al. The show con­cludes with the announce­ment card for Pettibon’s first New York City one-man exhib­i­tion held at the Sem­a­phone Gal­lery in March 1986, on which the text reads: ‘I am the wrench in people’s lives, really fix­ing them up.’ There are already a num­ber of ‘ser­i­ous’ Pet­tibon col­lect­ors, and it’s inev­it­able that when punk is his­tory, the art of Ray­mond Pet­tibon will be con­sidered an essen­tial chapter. ‘It’ll hap­pen like it did in the ‘60s with the psy­che­del­ic posters’, he pre­dicts.”
 — mfc


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mfc-michèle didi­er gal­lery
66 rue Notre-Dame de Naz­areth
75003 Par­is (France)

Septem­ber 13th to Novem­ber 16th, 2013
Open­ing: Septem­ber 12th, 2013, from 6 to 9 pm