Store — Batteri


Bat­teri is a space for exhib­i­tions, talks, book launches and work­shops. And it is a dis­tro for (art)zines and a lib­rary at the same time. Bat­teri is based in Aar­hus, Den­mark and was foun­ded by Side­pro­jects in May 2013

Cur­rently the people behind Bat­teri are look­ing for pub­lic­a­tions to sell in their store. They do it on a con­sign­ment base (20÷80 split) and if you are inter­ested to have your pub­lic­a­tions there just write them a mail provid­ing some inform­a­tions about your prin­ted mat­ters to info@​sideprojects.​dk.

Lan­ge­landsgade 16 kld
8000 Aar­hus (Den­mark)