Open call — Index

Previous project by Café Royal Books “Temporary Library”, November 2010

Previous project by Café Royal Books “Temporary Library”, November 2010

You are invited to paticipate in Index an exhibition and book initiated by Café Royal. …

Index will be a book, printed as an edition of 500–1000 and an exhibition of that book. The book, prints of pages, shown as artefacts on the gallery walls. There will be two essays commissioned to accompany the project.

Index focuses on ‘the book’. The role of the book in documenting, communicating and displaying. The ability the book has to create a new narrative, determined by the placement of content, and where the book is first opened.

The content of Index will have been used previously to communicate in another context, for another purpose.

Some examples of what a submission might be:

A photograph that was used as editorial for a magazine
An architectural drawing used for a construction
A short essay or text or poem written or published for another purpose
A photograph or scan of a used firework
A photograph or scan of a discarded shopping list
A photograph or scan of a page from a diary
A photograph or scan of a postcard
A photograph or scan of a read book
A photograph or scan of a love letter
A photograph or scan of a hand drawn map
A photograph or scan of a diagram or instructions
A photograph of a damaged car to prove the crash happened
A photograph or drawing of flowers bought to say something
A drawing used to illustrate something

Your submission should already have been used to communicate something, in some way. Your submission can be anything / a picture or scan of anything, along as it has already served it’s intended purpose.

The list is endless. ‘Used’ and ‘communicate’ are broad and open to interpretation.

All work submitted should be your own. For example, don’t submit a photograph taken by someone else that was used as editorial. It should be your photograph or used item. Don’t break copyright or contractual agreements, for example if you’ve surrendered copyright of your photograph to an agency.

Work selected from the submissions will be included in the book, some in the exhibition and all online. No work will be used for anything else with the exceptions of emails promoting and documenting the event, or online for the same purpose. For the publication, some work might be printed in mono, some in colour. If Risograph printing is used there will be quirks, for example slight misregistration, due to the peculiarities of the Risograph process.
The book will be made available to those included, at cost price. Those included will be credited online at as soon as the book goes to print. Those included will also be credited in the book.
By submitting you are agreeing to these details.

To Submit

Email up to three images or text documents or both.
Images should be jpeg, 300dpi at 210mm x 297mm (A4) landscape or portrait.
Text should be an unformatted Word or Pages document. 1000 words maximum.

With each submission please include, in this order:
Your name
Country (where you live now)
Email address
Website if you have one
Short detail of where the work was first used, or the item found, for example, The Sunday Times Magazine, March 3rd 1982. or Firework, Roundhey Park, Leeds.

Send to: with the subject line “Index Submission”.
Please use the same email if you have any questions.

Dates and Deadlines
Deadline for all submissions Monday February 17th Noon UK time (GMT).

Exhibition opening and book launch Tuesday April 1st
Project and launch to be held initially at Hanover Project, University of Central Lancashire, Preston.