Open call — Index

Previous project by Café Royal Books “Temporary Library”, November 2010

Pre­vi­ous pro­ject by Café Roy­al Books “Tem­por­ary Lib­rary”, Novem­ber 2010

You are invited to paticip­ate in Index an exhib­i­tion and book ini­ti­ated by Café Roy­al. …

Index will be a book, prin­ted as an edi­tion of 5001000 and an exhib­i­tion of that book. The book, prints of pages, shown as arte­facts on the gal­lery walls. There will be two essays com­mis­sioned to accom­pany the pro­ject.

Index focuses on ‘the book’. The role of the book in doc­u­ment­ing, com­mu­nic­at­ing and dis­play­ing. The abil­ity the book has to cre­ate a new nar­rat­ive, determ­ined by the place­ment of con­tent, and where the book is first opened.

The con­tent of Index will have been used pre­vi­ously to com­mu­nic­ate in anoth­er con­text, for anoth­er pur­pose.

Some examples of what a sub­mis­sion might be:

A pho­to­graph that was used as edit­or­i­al for a magazine
An archi­tec­tur­al draw­ing used for a con­struc­tion
A short essay or text or poem writ­ten or pub­lished for anoth­er pur­pose
A pho­to­graph or scan of a used fire­work
A pho­to­graph or scan of a dis­carded shop­ping list
A pho­to­graph or scan of a page from a diary
A pho­to­graph or scan of a post­card
A pho­to­graph or scan of a read book
A pho­to­graph or scan of a love let­ter
A pho­to­graph or scan of a hand drawn map
A pho­to­graph or scan of a dia­gram or instruc­tions
A pho­to­graph of a dam­aged car to prove the crash happened
A pho­to­graph or draw­ing of flowers bought to say some­thing
A draw­ing used to illus­trate some­thing

Your sub­mis­sion should already have been used to com­mu­nic­ate some­thing, in some way. Your sub­mis­sion can be any­thing / a pic­ture or scan of any­thing, along as it has already served it’s inten­ded pur­pose.

The list is end­less. ‘Used’ and ‘com­mu­nic­ate’ are broad and open to inter­pret­a­tion.

All work sub­mit­ted should be your own. For example, don’t sub­mit a pho­to­graph taken by someone else that was used as edit­or­i­al. It should be your pho­to­graph or used item. Don’t break copy­right or con­trac­tu­al agree­ments, for example if you’ve sur­rendered copy­right of your pho­to­graph to an agency.

Work selec­ted from the sub­mis­sions will be included in the book, some in the exhib­i­tion and all online. No work will be used for any­thing else with the excep­tions of emails pro­mot­ing and doc­u­ment­ing the event, or online for the same pur­pose. For the pub­lic­a­tion, some work might be prin­ted in mono, some in col­our. If Riso­graph print­ing is used there will be quirks, for example slight mis­reg­is­tra­tion, due to the pecu­li­ar­it­ies of the Riso­graph pro­cess.
The book will be made avail­able to those included, at cost price. Those included will be cred­ited online at www​.caferoy​al​books​.com as soon as the book goes to print. Those included will also be cred­ited in the book.
By sub­mit­ting you are agree­ing to these details.

To Sub­mit

Email up to three images or text doc­u­ments or both.
Images should be jpeg, 300dpi at 210mm x 297mm (A4) land­scape or por­trait.
Text should be an unformat­ted Word or Pages doc­u­ment. 1000 words max­im­um.

With each sub­mis­sion please include, in this order:
Your name
Coun­try (where you live now)
Email address
Web­site if you have one
Short detail of where the work was first used, or the item found, for example, The Sunday Times Magazine, March 3rd 1982. or Fire­work, Round­hey Park, Leeds.

Send to: index@​caferoyalbooks.​com with the sub­ject line “Index Sub­mis­sion”.
Please use the same email if you have any ques­tions.

Dates and Dead­lines
Dead­line for all sub­mis­sions Monday Feb­ru­ary 17th Noon UK time (GMT).

Exhib­i­tion open­ing and book launch Tues­day April 1st
Pro­ject and launch to be held ini­tially at Han­over Pro­ject, Uni­ver­sity of Cent­ral Lan­cashire, Pre­ston.