Exhibition — Swirled87


Until Sat­urday, Feb­ru­ary 1st, 2014 you have the chance to vis­it Mag­gie Lee’s  exhib­i­tion Swirled87, presen­ted by Bronze Age Edi­tions and installed at Good Press Gal­lery in Glas­gow…

Clear red orange brown cherry chocol­ate almond gly­cer­ine soap, UArts, touch­ing a shaved head, base­ment sweat, empty can of Orangina, dis­in­teg­rat­ing 7 Seconds T‑shirt, lay­ing in bed look­ing at rotat­ing black­light star pro­ject­or, Rocky and Bull­winkle, baby skel­et­on doll head hung by its black hair, white day bed, cin­na­mon scen­ted, stained glass win­dow flowers, 70s 90s punk skater mod tom­boy hard­core thrift vegan, Pearl Paint, walk­ing in the fall wet rain, lay­ing in bed with crumbs of rub­ber cement, the scent of a health food store, glow in the dark satan stick­er on a tv, sci fi fantasy Mtv, balls of rolled toi­let paper in my ears, child­hood intro­duc­tion to cul­ture, recre­at­ing and relat­ing to ideas and feel­ings from memory based on being with my sis­ter in New Jersey/​ Phil­adelphia circa 1993.”
 — Good Press

Good Press Gal­lery
Based at Mono
12 Kings Court
Glas­gow, G1 5RB

Janu­ary 8th until Feb­ru­ary 1st, 2014