Exhibition — Zines #2 1976 – 1979


If you are going to Munich until Janu­ary 31st, 2014 you should stop by the Zen­t­ral­in­sti­tut für Kun­st­geschichte (ZI) and vis­it the exhib­i­tion Zines #2 1976 – 1979 cur­ated by Hubert Kretschmer

Ulises Carrión, Aart van Barneveld & Salvador Flores (Hrsg.): Ephemera No. 6: sorry no art today — Amsterdam: Other Books and So, 1978

Ulises Car­rión, Aart van Barneveld & Sal­vador Flores (Hrsg.): Eph­em­era No. 6: sorry no art today — Ams­ter­dam: Oth­er Books and So, 1978

Warn­ing against Sub­mis­sions!
This is how the expres­sion­ist magazine ‘Der Bas­tard’ cau­tioned journ­al­ists not to sub­mit their art­icles in 1921. Artists who engaged in pub­lish­ing could also be warned, par­tic­u­larly at the end of the 1970s. They went ahead with it, let’s say their MagaZine, on their own or got sym­path­izers to join them: polit­ic­al act­iv­ists, kindred spir­its, artists in related art forms, artist col­leagues and oth­er con­trib­ut­ors. Artists in those days, who had some­thing to say and also wanted to say some­thing, dis­played a cer­tain rad­ic­al­ism not only con­cep­tion­ally, but also aes­thet­ic­ally and/​or in terms of con­tent. The medi­um was meant to be noticed and its impact shown; it was inten­ded to hold its ground in the media jungle.
‘Zines #2: 1976 – 1979 – Artist Pub­lic­a­tions from the Col­lec­tion Hubert Kretschmer, Munich’ dis­plays an inter­na­tion­al selec­tion of these types of magazines. It is the second in a numer­ous series of dis­play cab­in­et exhib­its at the Zen­t­ral­in­sti­tut für Kun­st­geschichte present­ing Kretschmer’s ‘Archive Artists Pub­lic­a­tions’. It resumes dir­ectly where the first exhib­it (which ran from Feb. 1st to April 15th, 2013) left off, ded­ic­ated to the years 1971 – 1975. The lim­it of only four years while sim­ul­tan­eously doub­ling the num­ber of dis­plays in rela­tion to ‘Zines #1’ reflects the fact that the col­lec­tion itself is becom­ing dens­er and dens­er over the years.

Zines’ exist both with­in and out­side of art. The term is derived from ‘magazine’ and denotes a dis­tinct type of pro­duc­tion, of con­tent and graph­ic design, and of sales and dis­tri­bu­tion: self-pro­duced, crit­ic­al inter­pret­a­tions of the daily and pictori­al magazine press, often prin­ted as a plain pho­to­copy, and sales in the sense of net­work­ing bey­ond the typ­ic­al art mar­ket. And many of the artist pub­lic­a­tions shown here actu­ally do play with the typo­logy of the daily press: loose pages fol­ded togeth­er, stapled book­lets, char­ac­ter­ist­ic title typo­graphy and news­pa­per formats. Often they appear as non-com­mer­cial insider inform­a­tion pamph­lets or fact sheets, so as ‘zines’.

In his selec­tion of 117 book­lets, Hubert Kretschmer presents us with 40 dif­fer­ent ‘zines’, artist pub­lic­a­tions which, each in their own way, fall with­in the defin­i­tion ‘revue d’artiste’: — one-time edi­tions, either inten­tion­ally or unin­ten­tion­ally, — art books belong­ing to a series, — mainly the typ­ic­ally act­ive pro­jects of col­lect­ing or assem­bling peri­od­ic­als over a lim­ited peri­od of only sev­er­al years under the aus­pices of an (artist) edit­or.

The pub­lic­a­tion peri­od of the indi­vidu­al works occa­sion­ally extends bey­ond the selec­ted peri­od of time, but only as an excep­tion as long as the ‘Staeck­briefe’, appear­ing until 2002. Most titles belong entirely or pre­dom­in­antly to the 1970s, includ­ing such fam­ous examples as ‘Com­mon­press’ and ‘Eph­em­era’. They are there­fore inev­it­ably typ­ic­al of their time, espe­cially the cre­ations dis­trib­uted as mail art.

With very few excep­tions, the dis­played pub­lic­a­tions are not present in the lib­rary of the Zen­t­ral­in­sti­tut and some can­not even be accoun­ted for in any Ger­man lib­rar­ies; sev­er­al nowhere else at all.”
 — Dr. Rüdiger Hoy­er

Dieter Roth & Hansjörg Mayer (Hrsg.): Zeitschrift für alles – review for everything – Tímarit fyrir allt Nr.2 — Stuttgart: Edition Hansjörg Mayer, 1976

Dieter Roth & Hans­jörg May­er (Hrsg.): Zeits­chrift für alles – review for everything – Tímar­it fyrir allt Nr.2 — Stut­tgart: Edi­tion Hans­jörg May­er, 1976

Zen­t­ral­in­sti­tut für Kun­st­geschichte (ZI)
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Decem­ber 6th, 2013 to Janu­ary 31st, 2014