Fair — Artists Print book fair


You are invited to the third Artists Print book fair open­ing on March 21st, 2014 at BRASS in Brus­sels…

The inde­pend­ent book fair in Brus­sels by Kom­plot and JAP. Selling solu­tions for no-prob­lems.”
— Kom­plot

Par­ti­cipants: 8.5×11 (US), Azotea (ES), Bunk Club (BE), Chez Rosi (BE), Claude Closky (FR), CNEAI (FR), Pas­cal Cour­celles (BE), Den­ic­olai & Pro­voost (BE), Dia­lo­gist-Kan­tor (BE), Druck and Buch (AT), Ed Spect­or (FR), Egon Van Her­reweghe (BE), E il topo (IT), Esth­er Egger­mont & Ser­ena Emiliani (BE), Etab­lisse­ments Decoux (BE), Fernand Baud­in Stu­dents Pub­lic­a­tions (BE), Für Dich Ver­lag (BE), Ger­ard Her­man (BE), Indekeuk­en (BE), JAP (BE), Keymouse (BE), Kom­plot (BE), La Houle (FR), La lettre volée (BE), Leis­ure Press (USA), Le Nou­veau Remor­queur / Bern­ard Villers (BE), Lustre (BE), Malen­ki (DE), Nazi Knife (FR), LH (FR), OEI (SE), Chant­al Rens (NL), Shel­ter Press(FR), ___ (SIC) (BE), San Ser­iffe (NL), Solo ma non troppo (FR), Spontanverlag(DE), Tri­angle Books (BE), Ultra Eczema (BE)


Aven­ue Van Volxem 364
B‑1190 Brus­sels

March 22nd to 23rd, 2014 from 2 to 7pm
Pre­view: March 21st from 5 to 8pm